Kevin yawned as he rolled over and came to.

The blurred image that was the seat in front of him suddenly became clear.

He looked around for the others, but no one was around.

"What the hell?" Kevin mumbled as he saw the entire passenger area was empty.

He looked left, looked right, and back left again, as if he was about to cross the street.

Then he stood up and walked into the aisle.

"Cammie? Jake?" he called out.

No response.

"Jarrod? Danielle?" he continued.

Still nothing.

Kevin then started to walk up toward the cockpit, when all of a sudden...

The plane hit bad turbulence, and Kevin fell to the floor.

"What the fuck?!!!" Kevin yelled as he hit his head on the floor.

He slid the whole way up to the cockpit, meaning that the plane was either descending to land, or heading straight down in a nosedive!

Kevin, wiping the blood from his head, stood back up and flung the curtain open.

"What the hell's going on Dave?" he yelled.

To his surprise, Dave was sitting as calm as ever behind the wheel.

"Dave? What's the deal?" Kevin asked, tapping his shoulder.

But, as he tapped his shoulder, Dave sprang up and turned around.

He was wearing a white hockey mask.

It was then that Kevin realized that Dave wasn't Dave at all.

It was Jason.

"NO! You can't be alive! We killed you!" Kevin screamed, falling back through the curtain as Jason pulled out his machete.

Jason then stood over a prone, helpless Kevin and raised his arm high above his head.

Then, just as he was about to strike...

"Kev! Kev! Wake up dude!" Jarrod yelled, shaking him.

"Ahhh!!" Kevin yelled, as he awoke in a cold sweat.

Then Jarrod held Kevin's goalie mask right in his face and asked, "Can I show this to the pilot?"

"AHHH!!" Kevin screamed, breathing heavier as sweat poured off his face.

"Calm down, chief, I just want to show the pilot your kick-ass goalie mask," Jarrod said.

"Hey, man, are you okay?" Jake added, coming to his best friend's aid.

"Um, yeah," Kevin answered, "Sure, go ahead and show him. Where's Cammie?"

"I don't know," Danielle replied, "Last time I saw her she was in the cockpit."

"She probably decided to fly the plane," Michelle chimed in.

"Yeah well, go find her and get him some ice water, would you please?" Jake asked Michelle. "He looks like he saw a ghost."

"Sure," Michelle replied, heading up to the cockpit.

"I am ok, really," Kevin assured them. "I just had a bad nightmare."

"Hey, Michelle!" Jarrod yelled, putting on Kevin's mask and chasing after her. "Check it out, I'm Jason!"

That did it.

Kevin snapped.

He shot up from his seat and tackled Jarrod into the aisleway, repeatedly punching him.

"Kev! Kev! Calm down! Get off of him!" Jake yelled, jumping on Kevin's back in an effort to pry him off of Jarrod.

It didn't work.

All of the others soon came screaming toward them, trying to get Kevin to stop.

Finally, Cammie let the cat out of the bag and screamed, "That's not Jason!"

That halted Kevin instantly.

Then, looking down at Jarrod, he realized what he had done.

"Oh my God!" Kevin yelled, as if he had no idea what happened.

He then ran to the back of the plane, as everyone just stood in awe.

Jarrod was beaten to a bloody pulp.

Still conscious, Jake and Rico carried him to the fold-out emergency bed and laid him down as the others gathered around.

"Kev! Kev, wait up!" Jake yelled, running after him.

"You're gonna be okay, Jarrod, you hear me?" Danielle cried, turning to Cammie. "What the fuck is wrong with your boyfriend?"

"It's a long story," Cammie replied.


"Hey, look!" Marcus exclaimed, pointing at the entrance sign to Camp Crystal Lake.

"We made it!" Jade replied, equally joyed.

"Yeah! I am gonna kill Christy for this!" Ricky said, bringing up the rear as they entered the camp.

"Hey, where is he anyway?" Marcus asked, not seeing his car or anything nearby.

"His car's gone, maybe he went to look for us," Jade suggested.

"Impossible," Ricky answered. "We would have seen him along the way here."

"Maybe he took a back road or something," Jade stated.

"Come on Jade, you know Christy, he hates townspeople," Ricky said. "He would never do that, especially HERE."

"Well, I am not going to stand here all day and wonder about where he is," Marcus said. "I am gonna move in and enjoy this while I can. I suggest you should too."

"Come on, we are at Camp Crystal Lake!" Marcus continued. "How many people can boast surviving this place?"

"True," Jade answered. "I'm with him."

"Not me," Ricky replied. "I am going to find Christy and kick his fucking ass for putting me through all this shit."

"Okay," Marcus answered. "Let me know when you find him. I have a few choice words for him."

"Oh, I definitely will," Ricky responded. "You will hear me yelling before anything though."

"We'll be in cabin five if you need us," Marcus informed him. "Jade and I have a little catching up to do."

"I'll catch you later then, ok?" Ricky said, taking off up the trail.

"Sure thing. Later man," Jade finished, making her way to the cabin.

"See ya dude," Marcus concluded, catching up to Jade.

Meanwhile, on the adjacent trail, hiding behind a tree watching their every move was the masked menace, Jason Voorhees, who had reclaimed his home.

He had already gotten one good taste of revenge today.

But now he wanted more.

Much more.

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