"You ready to be left in the dust little girl?" Agent Crowley stated, as they sat side-by-side on the empty interstate.

"Whatever you say, old balls," Krista replied, revving up her engine.

"On the count of three," Radisson insisted. "One, two..."

"Three!" Kunkle interrupted, and they were off.

They ran side-by-side for a half-mile, until a sudden burst of oncoming traffic forced them off the road, onto the shoulder, then back on the road again.

Then, just as they approached the Massachusetts border, Kristaís engine blew, causing them to spin out and screech to a stop right at the border.

Crowley, not noticing the problem, crossed the border and kept on going.

It took Agent Radisson to stop him.

"They have trouble back there!" Radisson stated.

"So what?" Crowley replied. "We won!"

"Jack! Are you forgetting why weíre here?" Radisson replied. "Itís not about winning a fucking car race. We are here to rid the world of Jason Voorhees, once and for all."

"Why do you think we went and got Krista Goldwater to begin with?" Radisson continued. "I suggest you get back there and pick them up so we can get back on track."

"Youíre right," Crowley stated, doing a U-turn and speeding back toward the state line.

The only problem was that he didnít see the sharp debris left all over the roadway by Kristaís engine when she crashed.

Sure enough, Crowley hit it and flattened both of their back tires, sending them into an all-out spin as they crossed the border back into New York.

Screeching to a stop right next to Kristaís car, they both looked at each other and realized that their whole mission was now in jeopardy.

"Hi," was all they could say to each other.


"Pretty deluxe, eh sis?" Jarrod asked as he sat down next to his sister Danielle in the back of the plane.

"Yeah, itís great, I just want to get home," Danielle replied. "I am tired."

Danielle Adams, Jarrodís 22-year-old sister, flew to Salt Lake so she could be with her brother.

Danielle and Jarrod were really close growing up, but ever since Jarrod graduated high school and went to Boston U., they grew apart from each another.

This trip was a mutual way of getting to know each other again.

"Yeah, well, weíll be there in no time," Jarrod stated.

"Youíre right," Danielle replied, "Do you mind if I take a nap? I know we were supposed to talk and all, but I just canít keep my eyes open anymore."

"Sure, no problem," Jarrod answered, "But when you get up, we have a lot catching up to do."

"Definitely," Danielle said with a smile as she reclined in her chair and pulled the blind down on her window.

"You know what?" Jarrod asked.

"What?" Danielle mumbled without opening her eyes.

"A nap sounds great right about now," Jarrod answered, going on the opposite side of the plane and falling fast asleep, using his jacket as a pillow.

Danielle said nothing.

She just smiled and rolled on her side and passed out.

"What the hellís this, a slumber party?" Kevin stated, as he and Cammie took their seats.

"Leave them alone, theyíre just tired, like we all are," Cammie said as she threw their bags into the storage compartment above the seats.

"Yeah, youíre right," Kevin yawned, "Come to think of it, I could use forty winks myself."

"Not me," Cammie said, "I think I will go keep the pilot company. Besides, I always wondered what goes on in that cockpit."

"You said cockpit, huh huh," Jake interjected in his best Beavis and Butt-Head voice as he and Michelle took their seats.

"Real funny," Cammie said as she left Kevin in his slumber and went up front. "Beavis and Butt-Head have only been off the air for what, five years now?"

"Actually, that would be really funny, real is not an adjective," Michelle added with a smile.

Cammie just gave them that "whatever" look and continued on her way.

"You always were the smart one," Jake said. "Thatís what turns me on about you."

"Really?" Michelle surprisingly asked.

"Yes, really," Jake replied, snuggling up next to her.

Michelle had always been made fun of and called a dork since high school because of her great grades and musical talent in the band.

The truth was, she really didnít study any more or any less than anyone else; she just had a better retention rate, which, in turn, led to better grades.

Despite that, no one would give her the time of day.

She was a band dork.

That is, until Jake asked her out.

He was the only one to look past all that.

Then, all of a sudden, everyone became her friend.

Everyone knew who she was.

Jake took a lot of heat from the team for ďdating the dork," but they eventually grew to accept it.

Jake and Michelle were quite the opposites.

Jake was a serious guy who loved to party and drink a little too much, which explained his 2.5 GPA.

He only studied when he had to (Usually the night before exams with Jarrod).

Michelle, on the other hand, was an honor student her whole life.

She was on the Honor Roll every year of her life, as well as the Deanís List every semester of college.

In addition, she was also a flute major in the band all four years in high school and every year at college so far.

Her 3.9 GPA made everyone else look really, really bad, especially when grades came out.

While Jake and Jarrod jokingly bragged about having GPAs under 3, Michelle was the only one over 3.

Kevin was the closest, with a 2.8, but besides that, they were all closer to being thrown out of school than getting into the NHL.

But somehow, despite all of the differences, Jake and Michelle managed a loving relationship.

You know what they say, opposites attract.

That being said, Jake and Michelle snuggled up together and they, too, fell asleep.

Meanwhile, up in the cockpit, pilot Dave Rogers was having a devil of a time trying to explain to Rico how the controls work.

"You see, this right here is the throttle," Dave said. "Thatís what gets us off the ground."

"Bot-tle?" Rico asked, totally botching the word.

"No, not bottle, throttle," Dave stated. "Bottles are what you drink out of."

"You drink out-a-there?" Rico asked, as puzzled as ever.

"Nooo!!!" Dave replied, clearly getting impatient as Cammie peeked through the curtain.

"Hi guys," she said. "Howís it goin? We ready to lift off yet?"

"Yeah, as soon as you get Paco out of here," Dave stated. "He is so annoying."

"Where Paco?" Rico replied in his broken English.

Dave said nothing.

He just had that irritated, get-the-hell-out-of-here look on his face.

Noticing that, Cammie intervened.

"Come on, Rico," Cammie said. "Letís leave him alone so we can go home."

"Mi Casa?" Rico replied.

"Si, Rico," Cammie answered, dragging him away. "Now, come back here with the rest of us."

"Si," Rico replied, following her back into the seating area.

Seconds later, the Boeing 717 economy liner roared to life and began its ascent into the skies, on its way back to Boston.

Finally, they were back on track.

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