Matt: Do I even need to rate this piece of garbage book? Give me a break. It is extremely similar to Hell Lake, another piece of crap Black Flame book. It's basically Hell Lake in Space. There was absolutely no plot to follow, Jason was barely in it except for the beginning and the end, and there were no main characters to follow. The whole time I read it, I pictured Dr. Evil from the movie 'Austin Powers' saying "Moon Unit Alpha...and Moon Unit Zappa". It seems like this book was written by a 12-year old. All he was doing was writing out his teenage fantasies of sex-- girls in the shower, lesbian scenes, and three-somes with robots. Every time you turn around, there was either a three-some or someone getting killed by a mechanical spider. HAHA. Don't believe me? Then read it and find out, but I don't recommend it. And I thought book three was bad. 0 out of 10.


J.T. Grooms: I'd like to know what sort of hard drugs were being taken by the author when he was writing this piece of crap. Half the damn thing is just a rambling, incoherent mess. What little plot there ruined by the massive amount of mind screws that take it up. Jason himself is hardly in the book, which is one of the many mistakes this guy made when he wrote this. Hell Lake was bad, but it was at least coherent, unlike this garbage. Not even a few good kills could save this book. 0 out of 10.

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