Matt: I wasn't expecting a lot when I picked up this book, and sure enough, it didn't disappoint. The opening was decent by Jason X standards, but despite the good action, there were issues that needed resolved. Like, for one, why in the hell does Uber-Jason run? Uber-Jason never runs, it's not his style. And how in the hell would the professor, or anyone else for that matter, control him? You can't control the uncontrollable. Plus, throw in the single most ridiculous plot idea ever-- implanting Jason's DNA into a woman to make her pregnant-- and what you have is nothing more than a total waste of time. The author didn't do her homework. It's 'Friday The 13th' 101. Sex, drugs, and alcohol equal death. I guess she never saw the movies. In the end, it is more sci-fi crap that I wish I would have never read. Ah, the things I do for this site. 1 out of 10.


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