Matt: This novel was a complete mess. Aside from one classic scene in the woods, the rest is more of sci-fi Jason than horror Jason, and that's where New Line has gone wrong since Jason X. First, Jason is rebuilt by the nano-ants AGAIN. Then, he wipes out a power-plant, but gets captured after the government neutralizes his nanos with an ongoing electrical field (uhh...what?!). After lots of tests, Jason escapes, but not before a clone is created. This clone, however, is easily destroyed, while Jason, after hacking his way through an entire facility, is deported in a one-way waste missile. After that was the classic government cover-up, as if the whole thing never happened. We should be so lucky. I think it's safe to say this experiment FAILED. Sci-Fi Jason was never going to get over. I originally wanted to give this book a minus-10 rating, but I decided to give it a 1, because that's how many fingers I want to hold up. 1 out of 10.


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