Eric Morse: In regards to Matt and A.J.'s final installment, 'The Legacy', I have to say that it is important to note that this is the only novel since 'Return To Crystal Lake' that they've done together, and it shows. Matt and A.J. are a perfect complement as a writing team. Together, they keep each other in check and keep from going overboard and making things too unbelievable. This is really shown in the plot of 'The Legacy'. It combines multiple aspects, including a wrongly-accused man searching to prove his innocence; a man seeking closure after the death of his once in a lifetime love; and a woman obsessed with getting her story no matter what. Together, they manage to seamlessly bring them all together and resolve them. In conclusion, I have to say that the skill Matt and A.J. show in the plotting of this story well makes up for its lack of true advancement in certain areas. 8 out of 10.


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