Back at Crystal Lake, Carrie still sat there on the lakefront, holding Kevin’s body and crying hard. There had been no sign of Jason at all, and for that instant, everything went quiet at the camp. It wasn’t the usual eerie-quiet either. It was a more peaceful silence, and that told Carrie all she needed to know about where Kevin had gone.

Then, after the brief silence, she could hear the sirens approaching and was soon surrounded in red lights as many squad cars pulled up to the camp. Realizing what was happening, she kissed Kevin’s forehead one final time and laid his body to rest on the ground.

She then limped toward the camp entrance, where she was greeted by former officer Dwayne Lewis. He immediately came to her side and wrapped her in a blanket.

“Are you okay?” Lewis asked as a huge armored van labeled “SWAT” screeched to a halt nearby. “I hope we’re not too late.”

“It’s all over,” she said as she noticed the 15 or so swat team members climb out of the back of the van in full riot gear, armed to the teeth. Funny, she thought to herself. We could have used them about 20 minutes ago.

Carrie then collapsed into the arms of the paramedics, who took her into the ambulance.

In the ambulance, the medics hooked her up to an IV and bandaged her up, when a loud clicking sound came from her belt. She looked down and noticed that her palmcorder had just ran out of tape and shut off. She unclipped it from her belt and held it tight in her hands, only then realizing that the tape had been running the entire time. She then laid back to rest, comforted in knowing that no one would think she was crazy. That, and she realized that her semester project was now complete.

Lewis set up the yellow police tape as he waited for the feds and the other squads to arrive to clean up the scene.

He then overheard some chatter as he approached the now-silenced government vehicles. “We got a real mess down at the lake,” one of them said. “Yeah, we better get the fire department out here. We got a fire down there and an old electrical cable has been destroyed,” another added.

Lewis didn’t answer them. He continued on his way to find the agent in charge, when one of the Swat team cut him off.

“Sir,” he said, holding up the broken piece of Jason’s hockey mask. “You were right.”

A moment later, two other team members came back through the entrance carrying a hideous body strapped to their stretcher. As they loaded him into their van, they proclaimed their success: “We’ve got him!”

Lewis didn’t get a good look at Jason Voorhees, but he knew it was him. Somehow he knew calling in the Swat team and the FBI would pay off, even if he was too late to save lives. At least now everyone could rest easy now that the man responsible for nearly 200 deaths was deceased and in custody once and for all. Jason’s body would not disappear this time. He would not come back to life. He would not terrorize any more people. Ever. He was going to see to that.

However, he still hadn’t seen the person in charge of this sting operation. “Who’s in charge?” Lewis asked a nearby officer.

“She’s over there,” the officer replied, pointing off in the direction of a tall, beautiful woman in a long black trench coat. As he approached, he noticed her shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes, and realized that she wasn’t who he was expecting. No way a beautiful woman like this could be the head of an FBI operation.

He smiled as he approached, flashing his old badge to her: “M’am, Officer Dwayne Lewis, I called you guys in.”

She pulled out her credentials as well, and introduced herself. “Congratulations, Officer Lewis. I’m Rowan LaFontaine, project leader of Crystal Lake Research.”

“Congratulations to you, too, Rowan,” Lewis replied.


A week later, Carrie was released from the hospital and turned over her tape to the authorities—but not before earning an A+ on the assignment for her and the rest of the group as well. No telling what awards it might win, but most importantly, Carrie would be graduating with all of her friends, together in spirit, if nothing else.

Carrie now found herself walking through the St. Pius Cemetery in Newkirk, Mass., with one arm in a sling, and the other carrying a dozen red roses. She was making her way toward a few gravestones, but as she approached, she saw a crowd had already gathered. Without even introducing herself, she knew exactly who they were. They were Mr. and Mrs. Staley, Kevin’s parents, and Mr. and Mrs. Goldwater, parents of Rob, Nikki and Krista.

When she approached, they immediately knew who she was, too, and hugged her.

They were all in tears as Carrie got to the graves. The first stone was marked “Staley” for when the parents expire, but then it was the next grave that caught her attention. It too was marked “Staley” with “Kevin A.” on one side, and “Krista M.” right next to him, and the words “Together Forever” inscribed between them. She smiled and noticed a larger headstone next to them etched with the name “Goldwater.” Below that, she read “Robert J.” and “Nicole L.” At Rest. Then, immediately next to them were two graves reserved for the Goldwater parents.

When the parents heard Carrie’s story, they decided to have all of the graves moved and buried together, knowing that that’s how they would have wanted it. Then Carrie knelt down and spread the dozen roses around the graves and said a small, quiet prayer for each of them.

After that, she started to cry, but then smiled as she got back to her feet. Looking up to the sky, she knew they were in a better place.

Even in death, they had succeeded in their mission. In fact, her tape had stopped at just the right time.

The time for her to fade to black.


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