The entrance to the cave was triangular shaped and it was extremely dark inside.

"Yes, I can't believe we found it!" Kevin yelled, staring at the entrance.

"I know, this is so amazing," Krista panted, out of breath.

Kevin looked down at her and felt his heart melt.

Then Kevin began to think. This girl is so perfect for me.

Then, without even knowing what he was doing, he was all of a sudden kissing her.

Krista, equally shocked, did not know how to react. As shocked as she was that Kevin threw himself at her, she was excited at the same time. Everything clicked so perfectly as their lips met and their bodies seemed to melt together as one.

When the kiss finally ended, neither one said a word. It was heaven on earth.

However, when Kevin looked back at Krista, he no longer saw her beautiful face. Instead, he saw a badly deformed, grotesque face reaching out to him yelling “Help me!”

“Ahhhh!!!” Kevin screamed as he awoke in the backseat of the cab in a pool of sweat. What a nightmare, Kevin thought as he rubbed his eyes. How long was he out? He had to be somewhere near Crystal Lake by now for sure.

“Hey, uh, Gabriel?” Kevin asked the driver. But there was no response. All he saw was the back of the driver’s head and the car accelerating rapidly. “Uhhh, dude,” Kevin echoed, trying to speak Gabriel’s “language.” However, when he tapped him on the shoulder, he also glanced into the rearview mirror, and staring directly back at him was the evil Jason Voorhees, breathing heavily through his mask.

“Ahhh! God!” Kevin yelled, waking up for real this time, trying to catch his breath.

“Dude, are you okay?” Gabriel called out to him from the front seat. “What? Yeah, I’m fine,” Kevin answered. “Where are we?”

“We’re almost there,” Gabriel responded as he turned his radio down. He still had his favorite alternative station on, and it was now playing Linkin Park’s “Somewhere I Belong.”

“Only a few more miles,” Gabriel concluded as Kevin relaxed back in his seat. He glanced out his window, and noticed one of the road signs. In bright white letters set to a green background, it read: “Newkirk-2, Fairfax-12, Crystal Lake-22.”

Kevin felt his heart skip a beat when he read Newkirk, as it reminded him of what once was, and what will never be again. But he quickly forgot Newkirk when he read Crystal Lake. Those two words alone sent a shudder of both fear and adrenaline down his spine. Kevin then rolled down his window to get some fresh air to help him relax. He knew he was on his way, and he knew what he had to do. It was now only a matter of time before he had to do it.


Back at the hospital, Rob Goldwater lay motionless in his hospital bed. What am I gonna do? he thought, trying to figure out how to clear this mess up. This whole mess is my fault. If I had only killed Jason Voorhees once and for all, none of this would be necessary. If those idiots would have left the Hummer alone, Jason would still be down there, and they could see for themselves that Jason was indeed alive, and that he wasn’t responsible for the murders.

And then Rob’s mind wandered back even further—back to a happy time, a time before Jason Voorhees destroyed his life. Back to his childhood, when he was always there for all his family and friends, including his twin sisters Nikki and Krista. He could still see them riding their tire swing in their backyard with a huge smile on their face. He could still remember looking down at them from his tree house, and with the sun shining bright, seeing the feeling of glee and joy in their eyes, accompanied by their giggling laughter.

Then Rob lost it. He broke down and heavily began to sob, with tears rolling down his face. He rubbed his eyes, but that only blurred his vision and turned them red. When he regained his vision, he noticed the rain streaking down his window and the thunder roaring outside. It was then that he decided what he had to do. He had to get out of there and avenge all those who died before him and prove his innocence once and for all. For Nikki. For Krista. But most importantly, for himself. It was his time. His time for redemption.

All of a sudden, Rob yanked out his IV and staggered out of his bed. An instant later, the policeman, as well as the nurses, were startled out of the silence by a hideous crash. When they barged in his room, they found the huge picture window shattered into pieces, and blinding rain blowing in the window at them. The nurses ran, calling for Dr. Jones, while Officer Lewis got on his radio and put out an all-points bulletin warning his fellow officers of Rob’s escape.

And just like that, Rob Goldwater was gone.

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