“Rob, you okay?” Kevin whispered as he helped Rob to his feet.

The smell of shrapnel and gunpowder encompassed the lakeshore, and the body of Jason Voorhees remained motionless about 40 feet from them on the beach, still sizzling from all the slugs he took.

“I’ll be okay,” Rob answered with a grunt as he clutched his shoulder in pain. “Just pop my shoulder back in.”

Kevin wasted no time and immediately popped Rob’s shoulder back into place with a loud crack, causing Rob to fall to the ground in temporary agony. When the pain began to subside, Kevin helped Rob back up.

“There, that’s better,” Rob groaned, breathing heavily as he tried to forget the pain. The truth was, Rob was beginning to feel a little woozy from all the blood loss he had sustained. But he wasn’t going to let Kevin know that, and there was definitely no way in hell that he was going to let Jason Voorhees get the best of him.

“Round up what’s left of your ammo,” Kevin said. “We gotta finish this.”

Rob didn’t respond. He just nodded in agreement, either because he was in too much pain to speak, or because he knew Kevin was exactly right.

However, when they looked back at Jason, he was gone.

“Fuck!” Kevin yelled. “Where the hell is he?”

Just then, Kevin caught a glare out of the corner of his eye, and before he could react, yelled, “Rob, look out!”

Rob spun around, but before he could get a shot off, Jason connected with a gruesome slash with his machete. Rob immediately fell to the ground, grimacing in intense pain as the machete re-opened his chest wound, this time deeper than before.

“Nooo!” Kevin shouted as Jason connected with him next, slicing a gash into his side and then again in his chest. Jason stood over both of them, admiring his handiwork. As he tilted his head to one side and then the other, he couldn’t make up his mind. He looked at Rob, who appeared to be dead, and then at Kevin, who was motionless, and he couldn’t decide who to finish off first. Jason opted for Rob first, but before he could finish him, Kevin pulled out his last resort- an X-Acto knife- and buried it deep into Jason’s thigh.

Jason growled furiously and yanked the knife out with a tug and tossed it aside, turning his attention to Kevin. Kevin backpedaled away, with Jason slowly stalking toward him. Jason then raised his machete high above his head, poised to strike the final blow---

When all of a sudden, a familiar set of loud gunshots rang out. Jason’s body began to shake as it absorbed the lead of the .44 Magnum once more. The shots pelted his entire body and rocked him backward, sending him sprawling onto the dock. Kevin was shocked as he looked back and saw Carrie standing there. Carrie unloaded an entire clip into Jason, and then reloaded and opened fire once more. Jason dropped his machete on the dock and fell into the lake, as Carrie ceased fire and ran to Kevin’s side.

“Kevin, my God, are you alright?” Carrie cried, helping him sit up.

“You were supposed to get the hell out of here!” Kevin cried, coughing up blood.

“I couldn’t leave you,” Carrie responded, looking into his eyes.

“Listen to me,” Kevin cried. “Get the fuck in one of those squad cars and get out of here while you still can, before it’s too late.”

Looking back into Carrie’s eyes, Kevin didn’t see Carrie anymore, but rather, he saw through her. It was almost as if Carrie’s eyes were the gateway to another dimension, and in that dimension stood his beloved Krista, smiling and as beautiful as ever.

“No!” Carrie pleaded with him, noticing that he was beginning to space out. “Don’t leave me! You have to help me, and we’ll get out of here. We’ll get out of here together!”

Kevin didn’t respond. Carrie then feared the worst when he became unresponsive.

“You can’t die!” she sobbed. “Please God don’t let him die!”

She then held Kevin close as tears streamed down her face. Then, thinking he was dead, she kissed him on the forehead and laid him back down on the ground.

However, just as she started to walk away, Kevin came to and mumbled, “Carrie...”

She immediately spun around and grinned from ear-to-ear as she kissed him again, relieved.

“He wasn’t going to get me that easily,” Kevin smirked as he got to his knees.

“Thank you, God,” Carrie said, looking up. She was still crying, but happily this time.

“We don’t have much time,” Kevin stated, spitting out some blood. “Go find the first aid kit. I can patch myself up and we’ll end this.”

“Okay,” Carrie responded, “Where is it?”

“It’s over there by Rob,” Kevin informed her, pointing over in the direction of where Rob was on the lakeshore.

“Rob?” Carrie asked, unaware of what happened to him. Kevin just pointed in the general direction and she hurriedly ran there. However, when she got there, she was still puzzled. Both Rob and the first-aid kit were nowhere to be found.

“Kevin, there’s nothing here,” Carrie stated.

Puzzled, Kevin smiled, but that’s when they heard it. A huge splash emanated from the lake, and soon after, they spotted Jason’s hands reaching for the top of the dock.

“Carrie, come on,” Kevin said, “We need to regroup.”

Carrie then took Kevin’s arm around the back of her neck and started to help him back up the trail, when they both noticed a trail of blood leading in the same direction. Then they saw him. Rob. He was sitting against a nearby tree, staring back at them with bloodshot eyes. He had used the first aid kit to try to stop his bleeding, but the bandages had already turned dark red from all the blood loss.

“Rob, thank God you’re alive!” Carrie whispered. But taking one look at Rob, she could tell that Rob’s condition was just as bad, if not worse, than Kevin’s. “Oh my God, are you okay?”

Rob didn’t respond. He just looked toward Kevin, and they both nodded their heads.

Then they heard the echoing of Jason’s footsteps on the dock. He was rapidly approaching, and they had to get out of sight quick or else they would definitely be toast.

“Rob,” Kevin mumbled. “It’s time for Plan B.”

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