“That explosion came from the lake,” Carrie stated, frantically grabbing Kevin’s arm.

“I know,” Kevin replied solemnly. “We’re returning Jason to his final resting place,” he continued as he double-checked his ammo, and slung his red bag over his shoulder.

Carrie only mouthed the word ‘Crystal Lake,’ still in shock as to what was happening.

“Now listen to me very carefully,” Kevin said sternly as he looked into her eyes. “Go get in one of those cruisers and get the hell out of here. You’re a reporter. You need to tell the public what really happened here tonight, and all the other nights in fact.”

“What are you going to do?” she asked suddenly, very afraid now.

“I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago,” Kevin responded, and without giving her a chance to say another word, he took off toward the lake.

Carrie frantically pleaded with him to come back, but Kevin was already out of sight. She just sat back against the wall of cabin three and cried, trying to figure out what the hell to do. She knew one thing for certain. There was no way in hell she was going to leave.


Rob stood still on the shore of Crystal Lake as the smoke and debris settled around him. His eyes were fixed on the only path leading from the cabins to the lake, sporting a fully loaded .44 Magnum in his hand.

In what seemed like the longest couple minutes of his life, the shadow of Jason Voorhees emerged in smoke with the full moon above him gleaming off his machete with evil malice.

Jason wasted no time in attacking, as he swiftly moved toward Rob.

Rob didn’t budge. He just stared him down, patiently waiting for the perfect time to attack, watching as Jason moved in closer until he was only about five feet away.

Jason raised his machete, and at the same instant, Rob fired the Magnum at Jason’s right arm, and the bullet connected perfectly with Jason’s elbow.

Jason growled in pain as he dropped his machete, and Rob immediately fired five more rounds into Jason’s mid-section, sending the monster sprawling backward to the ground.

Rob grinned as he moved closer to the motionless body of Jason Voorhees. But as he was reloading with his final clip, Jason sprung back to life and with one swift motion, grabbed the machete and sliced Rob diagonally across his chest.

“Oww, you fucker!” Rob screamed in enormous pain as he tackled Jason to the ground before he fully regained control of himself.

The two heavyweights wrestled back and forth on the muddy shore, with neither one having the clear upper hand.

Rob picked up a nearby rock, and as he roared with a mix of pain and anger, continued to pound Jason’s masked face.

After about the third strike, Jason grabbed Rob’s arm in mid-air and bent it awkwardly backward, dislocating his shoulder.

Rob screamed in even greater pain as his entire body was now covered with cold sweat and blood.

Jason flung him off him like a rag doll and sent Rob sprawling backward.

Jason wasted little time and quickly got to his feet and grabbed his machete, ready to deliver the final blow, when he heard it.

“Hey Jason! Over here, motherfucker!” Kevin Staley yelled from nearby.

Immediately Jason recognized the voice of his arch-enemy. He spun around to face him, completely forgetting about Rob.

And there stood Kevin, grinning with his eyes wide as if he had completely lost his mind, holding an AK-47 in each hand.

“It’s been too long, Jason,” Kevin shouted.

Jason just stared at him as all the memories of pain that Kevin inflicted on him rushed back to him, and his black heart pumped pure hate.

Jason remembered it all—the gunshots, the Voorhees Mansion crumbling down onto them, the ax in the head, being frozen in the cave at Crystal Point, being blown up by the C-4 in the airplane—all of the images of their past crept back into memory. Jason then began to breathe heavier through his mask as he realized just what Kevin had done to him over the years.

Kevin, meanwhile, was having nearly the same visions, and almost laughing about it. But it was his last vision that fueled his rage toward Jason. Kevin’s last memory was of Krista’s mother calling him in Europe to deliver the bad news that Krista was dead. Tears began to well up in his eyes as the fury built up inside him, ready to be unleashed.

Kevin then looked over at Rob, who was looking right back at him, and then over to a pile of brush. Rob knew immediately what to do, and low crawled over to Kevin’s red bag in the bushes. Jason was the first to advance forward in the showdown, but instead of Kevin opening fire, he threw a round object at Jason and quickly ran to the opposite side. The round object landed at Jason’s feet, and suddenly smoke emerged from the grenade. The white cloud quickly filled the humid air, as visibility was brought down to zero.

Jason furiously sliced through the air with his machete as he growled violently through his mask searching for Kevin. “Come on Rob,” Kevin whispered through his teeth, lying flat on the ground as Jason stood only a few feet away, still slicing through mid-air.

Soon Jason stood only inches away from Kevin’s face, and Kevin could hear the “swoosh” sounds of the machete right above him. The smoke was beginning to subside as a gust of wind picked up in the air. Kevin was sure he was dead meat, and by the time he moved to fire his AK 47’s, Jason would have realized he was there.

Finally, he saw Rob emerge in the distance.

“Okay, mother fucker, you want to play rough?” Rob shouted as he clutched a long rifle.

Jason spun around and quickly began to advance toward him, while Kevin frantically scrambled out of dodge.

“Say hello to my little friend!” Rob screamed in his best Scarface impersonation, as a loud “thud” escaped from his gun.

Moments later, an explosion of fire and scrap metal filled the air as the grenade from Rob’s M-203 grenade launcher nailed Jason dead on.

As a result of the explosion, Jason flew ten feet backward into the air. Amazingly, he got right back to his feet, and then hell unleashed all its fury on Jason, as bullets from both of Kevin’s AK 47’s and Rob machine gun filled Jason’s body.

Around 100 bullets later, gun smoke filled the air, and the body of Jason Voorhees lay dead on the shore of Crystal Lake.

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