Rob and Jason continued their stare-down near cabin three, with neither one moving an inch.

Rob wasn’t sure what to do. His palms were sweaty and he was nervous as hell. He knew how much firepower he was packing, but he wanted to wait for the right moment to open fire. Jason, meanwhile, maliciously glared at Rob as the moonlight reflected off of his machete.

It seemed like there was almost an uncanny respect shown, as both Rob and Jason knew what the other was capable of. Jason continued to breathe heavily through his mask as he remembered Rob, all of his military friends, and the attack with the Humvee. The rage had built up inside of Jason faster than the fire had spread through cabin seven, and he was ready to unleash it, especially on Rob.

However, Rob didn’t wait for Jason to make the first move. He immediately pulled out his .44 magnum and unloaded a clip into Jason’s chest, sending the dark menace sprawling backward. After a few seconds, Jason stepped forward again as if to say, ‘is that all you got?’

Rob then quickly went to re-load his gun, but when he grabbed the clip, it slipped off of his fingertips and hit the ground. “Shit!” Rob yelled, dropping to his knees to grab it as Jason moved ever so closer to him.

Soon, he stood right over Rob, who had yet to load his gun. He was working frantically to get the clip in, but there wasn’t enough time. From a nearby bush, Kevin noticed Rob’s struggle and pulled an AK-47 out of his red bag. He locked and loaded it, and was just about to engage the battle...

When out of nowhere sprang a bloodied and beaten Jamal, who jumped on Jason’s back. Jamal’s broken right arm hung limply at his side as he began to choke Jason with his left. Nearby, Carrie could barely recognize him. There was so much blood all over him that it was hard to make out who it was in the dark.

“Damnit! Who the hell is that?” Kevin asked as he re-joined her behind the cabin.

“It’s Jamal,” Carrie replied. “We have to help him.”

“Not yet,” Kevin said, eagerly awaiting the right moment to attack. “We gotta stick to the plan.”

Carrie was upset about it, but somehow she realized he was right. They would all be dead if this plan didn’t work.

Jamal continued to choke Jason, who was fighting him off.

“Die, motherfucker, Die!” Jamal yelled, strangling Jason with the little strength he had left. Jason was just about to flip Jamal over his head, when Jamal pulled out Louie’s switchblade and stuck it almost all the way into the side of Jason’s neck.

Growling, Jason staggered around as Jamal fell to the ground. Jason struggled to pull the knife out of his neck, and Jamal slowly tried to get to his feet. “Time’s up, bitch,” Jamal muttered, as blood spewed out of his mouth.

However, much to his dismay, Jason yanked the switchblade out of his neck and tossed it aside like it was a toothpick. Jamal started to crawl away, but Jason was on him in no time. He picked him up and launched him into the side of cabin three with a crash as blood smeared along the weathered wood of the cabin wall. After smashing his head off of the cabin a few times, Jason tossed him against a tree, nearly breaking his back.

He then got his machete and stabbed Jamal in the chest so hard, that when the machete came out his back, his heart was still attached to it, pierced right through the center. Jason yanked his machete back out with intense force as Jamal’s lifeless body slithered to the ground in a pool of blood.

Jason then immediately remembered Rob, but when he spun around to go after him, he was gone.

Jason, furious, repeatedly stabbed Jamal’s dead corpse with the machete over and over again, splattering blood in a million directions as he did so.

Kevin, clutching his AK-47, had an itchy trigger finger, eager to get into the fight. But he knew he had to wait for the right moment. And that moment was definitely not now.

Just then, a man appeared behind Jason and clicked his gun to load the barrel.

“Freeze, Goldwater!” Chief Warren shouted. “Don’t move a fucking muscle!”

Jason then eerily turned around and glared at Chief Warren, with Jamal’s blood stained all over his mask.

Chief Warren’s eyes widened with shock. “Ohhhhh Myyyy God!” was all he could manage to say. All his fears had indeed come true. Goldwater was right all along. Jason Voorhees was real.

Warren then swallowed hard and took a deep breath as Jason dared him to open fire. Warren did, and Jason absorbed the shotgun blast with minimal damage. Warren fired again, directly into Jason’s chest, but it had little or no affect on him at all.

The chief then went to fire a third time, but his shotgun clicked. And clicked again, repeatedly. “Fuck!” the chief yelled, frustrated that he had run out of ammo. He then tossed his shotgun aside and pulled out his revolver, firing a few rounds into Jason’s head. They too had little affect on him, and all it seemed to do was make him that much angrier.

After emptying his revolver into Jason, the Chief went to his last resort— his nine millimeter pistol- and as he drew it on Jason...


Kevin and Carrie sat perched behind cabin three, carefully observing the scene. Carrie was in tears as Kevin tried to console her.

“He killed them!” She cried as the shock began to set in.

“I’m sorry about your friends,” Kevin said mellowly, trying to console her. “Believe me, I know what it’s like. It’s the worst feeling in the world.”

Carrie continued to sob, catching her breath and trying to stay as calm as possible. “I had no idea the legend was true, Kevin,” she finally said.

Kevin was surprised at how much Carrie knew about the Voorhees legend, and that she even knew his name.

“I’m Carrie Wilson. I was here with a group of friends filming a documentary on Crystal Lake when all this happened and Rob helped me get back here.”

Meanwhile, in the background, they both heard more gunshots pierce the night air as Chief Warren was using up what he had left of his guns.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Kevin whispered to her. “Rob and I are going to kill Jason Voorhees, come hell or high water. And if you want to stay alive, you’ll stay with us and do exactly what we tell you.”

“Okay,” Carrie reluctantly agreed with tears still rolling down her beautiful face.

Kevin then immediately felt his heart go soft. Seeing Carrie’s beautiful face flushed red with her makeup smeared all over her face instantly reminded him of Krista, and now, when he looked at Carrie, all he could see was Krista...

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be back as soon as the season’s over,” Kevin told Krista at the airport. “I am only doing this to rehab my arm and make us some extra money.”

“I know hunny,” Krista answered, crying in his arms. “I understand. I am going to miss you so much.”

“I’m gonna miss you too,” Kevin said, hugging her tighter.

Then they heard the airport intercom: “Attention passengers— this is the final boarding call for flight 962 with service to Rome. Please check your passports and have your photo ID ready. Again, final boarding call for flight 962 to Rome. Thank you.”

Both Kevin and Krista were in tears. You could tell that Krista didn’t want Kevin to leave, and Kevin sure as hell didn’t want to go.

They embraced and exchanged one last, loving kiss, and Kevin reluctantly walked down the terminal to board his flight.

The last thing he saw as he looked back was Krista, flush red, crying her eyes out. Her makeup was smeared all over her pretty face.

It was the last time Kevin saw Krista alive...

Just then, Kevin came reeling back to the present and noticed Carrie trying to get his attention.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Um, yeah, I’m fine, why?” Kevin said, clearing his throat. He didn’t realize that he too was crying.

Carrie didn’t answer him. Instead, she just smiled compassionately and wiped the tears from his cheeks.

“I guess my allergies are acting up again,” Kevin responded, lying through his teeth.

“It’s okay,” Carrie sincerely replied, smiling at him.

Kevin smiled back, and for a moment, they both managed to escape Crystal Lake as they looked into each other’s eyes. However, that moment quickly vanished, as a loud crash rocked cabin three behind them.

All they could hear were Chief Warren’s loud cries of pain and desperation as Jason threw him around the cabin like a rag doll.

Kevin and Carrie then peeked in the window and saw Jason manhandling the chief. The chief really didn’t stand a chance now that his firepower was all gone. He punched Jason with everything he had and tried to kick Jason in the groin, but Jason caught his leg and instantly snapped his femur bone in two. Carrie turned away, as she couldn’t bear to see the damage as it made an awful cracking sound, like a large twig snapping in two.

After toying with the chief for a while, Jason tossed his limp body face down over the cabin door. Then, in one motion, Jason slammed the door so hard, that it split Chief Warren’s body in half and shook the entire cabin in the process.

When Jason opened the door, it fell off of its hinges and crashed to the ground. The bottom half of the chief’s body fell inside the cabin, while his upper torso fell to the ground outside. Jason then grabbed his bloodied machete and slowly stalked his way back into the woods, searching for Rob Goldwater and that girl who got away, unaware that his old nemesis, Kevin Staley, was watching his every move.

“Come on,” Kevin said.

“Where are we going?” Carrie asked.

“We gotta get to Rob before Jason does,” Kevin informed her.

Then they heard the explosion.

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