“This is Carrie Wilson reporting from Camp Crystal Lake, where only days ago, more bodies were discovered by local police in what has seemingly become a ritual in this small, depressed town,” Carrie whispered as she held the palmcorder up in front of her face. She had been filming on and off for her entire jaunt into the woods, and was now making her way back toward the camp. It was still strange, she thought. Out of all the cameras, the portable was the only one she could get working. And where were all the others? They were seriously blowing it, and maybe, just maybe, her little bit of footage could still salvage them a passing grade when they got back.

“If you take a look around me, you will see that night has fallen upon this tiny little campground, and only the crickets, owls and creatures of the night break the otherwise eerie silence,” she continued, panning her camera around the woods. There was just enough light on the camera to get what was immediately in front of her—namely a few trees and the trail directly before her. “Local police are on a massive statewide manhunt for 27-year-old Rob Goldwater of Philadelphia, who is believed to have been responsible for the murders. Goldwater is the brother of the late Krista and Nikki Goldwater, two fashion models from Newkirk who were victims here two short years ago. Authorities are also uncertain of the whereabouts of 23-year-old Kevin Staley. Staley, the only other survivor of that massacre, was believed to have died in a plane crash here last year along with many others on the way back from a hockey tournament. The plane allegedly exploded on impact, and there were no survivors, causing even more heartache for this seemingly cursed town.”

Just then, an owl hooted directly above her and sent a shiver down her spine. Carrie panned the camera up, revealing the owl’s glowing eyes staring back at her. The owl was perched up on a branch, and it was just establishing its territory. The camera also caught the gleaming full moon between the branches, and Carrie then continued back on her path.

“Although many of the townspeople believe that Jason Voorhees had risen from the grave to claim more victims, Police Chief Jim Warren had no comment about the murders and said that they remain unsolved. But this reporter is not satisfied. There is definitely something wrong here, and I am determined to find out what it is,” she finished whispering as she came to a clearing in the woods. Although it was dark, she recognized where she was—back at the cabins. Thank God, she thought. I thought I’d never get back.

But as she turned the corner and headed back toward cabin one, she saw a strange haze off in the distance, accompanied by a spooky orange glare and some smoke in the sky. Then she smelled it. It was the most awful stench that had ever passed through her nostrils. Something was definitely burning.

With her camera clipped to her pants, she hurriedly ran down the narrow path toward cabin seven, and when she saw it, she gasped. It was ablaze. “Hello?” Carrie called out as she passed through the doorway. “Guys?”

But then her heart dropped. Because lying in the corner in full view of the camera was the charred, terribly burnt body of Slax.

“Oh my God! Slax!” Carrie cried, trying to rush to his aid. There was little she could do, however, as Slax’s body was burnt to a crisp in the red-hot flames. Carrie got about halfway into the cabin before she had to stop because of the intense heat and smoke. Coughing, she accidentally dropped her camera onto the floor, knocking the battery out.

“Damnit!” she cried, falling to her knees to put the battery back in. With tears rolling down her face and her heart beating rapidly, she struggled to get the battery back in. She tried repeatedly, but failed to secure the battery inside the camera. And that’s when she heard the footsteps approaching behind her.

She hurriedly got the battery back in and turned the camera back on and quickly spun around—and saw Jamal standing there with the most terrified look on his face.

“Carrie, what the fuck is going on?” Jamal panted. “Louie’s dead!”

Carrie didn’t answer. She just ran to Jamal and hugged him, thankful that he was still alive.

“We’ve gotta get out of here!” Jamal stated hysterically as he noticed Slax’s body sizzling in the corner.

“What about the others?” Carrie asked as they high-tailed it out of the cabin.

“If they’re smart, they’ll get out of here too,” Jamal answered, about two paces ahead of her. “If he didn’t get them already.”

“Who?” Carrie asked, although she knew damn well who he was referring to.

Jamal then froze dead in his tracks, horrified.

“What is it?” Carrie questioned, but then she too froze when she saw who stood before them.

It was the masked maniac, Jason Voorhees, in the flesh.

Carrie let out a blood-curdling scream as Jason just stared at them, breathing heavily through his mask. Then she remembered her dreams, and how she visioned all of this happening. The dreams kept replaying in her head over and over, and she then realized that coming here was the biggest mistake of her life.

She was soon brought out of her trance by Jamal screaming to run.

“Go on Carrie, run! I’ve got settle the score!” Jamal yelled.

“No!” Carrie screamed. “I’m not leaving without you and the others!”

“Do it! Just get the fuck out of here!” Jamal fired back, with tears beginning to roll down his face.

“Jamal!” Carrie cried as Jamal ran toward Jason.

“You killed my homeboy Louie, you motherfucker,” Jamal yelled at Jason, pulling out Louie’s switchblade from his pocket. “And now it’s going to be his knife that kills you.”

Carrie just watched in horror as Jamal sliced at Jason repeatedly, causing minimal damage. Realizing this, Jamal then stabbed Jason right in the head with it, sending Jason backward a few steps. Growling, Jason yanked the blade out of his head and launched it at Carrie, narrowly missing her as it struck the side of the cabin. He then turned back to Jamal, glaring at him as if he was daring him to give him more.

Carrie kept yelling for Jamal to get away and run with her, but Jamal was determined to avenge Louie. Jamal peppered Jason with some lefts and rights, and a kick to the groin, which had no effect on him at all. Jason finally grew tired of Jamal’s games, and backhanded him against the side of the cabin. Dazed, Jamal yanked the switchblade out of the rotted wood of the cabin and stabbed Jason repeatedly in the chest.

Growling again, Jason took a half-step backward before catching Jamal’s arm. Jason then overpowered Jamal, who was sweating profusely as he tried to stab Jason in the heart. Jamal gave it everything he had, but Jason was just too strong for him. There was an awful popping sound as Jason bent Jamal’s arm backward the wrong way, and forced Jamal to stab himself in the right side of his chest.

In fact, Jason used so much force that the switchblade, along with part of Jamal’s hand, had penetrated into his chest. Jason then let go and admired his work as Jamal’s body slid down the side of the cabin, leaving behind a streak of blood along the wall. Jason then immediately turned his attention to Carrie. She screamed and turned to run away, but then heard a cracking sound directly above her. A few seconds later, the cracking got louder and a branch snapped, sending Patty’s body crashing down from a nearby tree, narrowly missing her.

Carrie had to hold back throwing up as she noticed the machete sticking out of Patty’s stomach. “Patty!” She yelled. But she had no time to react, because Jason was rapidly coming toward her.

Looking back at Jason, Carrie took off running toward the woods. Jason, in hot pursuit, yanked the machete out of Patty with a sickening thump and stalked behind her.

“Somebody help me!” She frantically cried out into the night as she sprinted deeper into the forest.

Off in the distance sat Rob Goldwater and Kevin Staley, who could faintly hear her cries for help.

Rob just looked at Kevin, who was puffing on a cigar. He took one last draw off of the wild cherry Swisher sweet and then said two words to Rob:

“It’s time.”

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