Back at the Jefferson house, two paramedics were busy rolling a gurney toward their ambulance. The red and blue lights flashed brightly into the dusk sky as they opened the back doors and loaded the covered, blood-stained gurney into the back of the ambulance.

Nearby, Chief Warren was sitting in his squad car writing the report, when Officer Strickland approached the driver’s side window with a glum look on his face.

“What’s the count?” Warren asked, not even looking at him as he propped his report against the steering wheel.

“4, so far,” Strickland replied as another blood-soaked gurney was wheeled behind him and loaded. The lights from the squad car lit up Strickland’s face in a beam of red as night rapidly began to settle in.

“Christ...I want all the state authorities notified of this wacko,” Warren said, finally admitting that he had lost control of the situation. “We’ve got a real problem on our hands.”

Just then, a shout was heard coming from the barn. “Chief, get over here!” Officer Zimmerman yelled, in his noticeably deep voice. “Jim!”

“Now what?” Chief Warren sighed as he got out of the car and made his way back toward the barn, with Officer Strickland in toe.

“What is it Zimmerman?” Warren asked.

“Over here!” Zimmerman shouted, sounding very grave.

“What’s wrong?” Strickland added as he also entered the barn.

Zimmerman didn’t answer him. He just shined his flashlight to the corner of the barn, where a bloodied human head sat perched against the stall gate. The face was totally gone, leaving behind a crimson mask covering what was left of the eyes and lips. The expression on the face was one of sheer terror as blood dripped from all sides of the head, with some brains protruding from the top of the skull.

“I’ll order some more bodybags,” Strickland replied, gagging as he held back his urge to throw up.

“That’s not all,” Zimmerman said, stopping Warren and Strickland as they started to walk away.

Then, while Warren and Strickland stared at him dumbfounded, Zimmerman shined his flashlight straight up, revealing the body of Officer Rodriguez, who was hanging upside down, pitch forked to the rafters through his groin.

“Good God!” Chief Warren gasped, stepping back as blood dripped down on his face.

“Jesus! It’s Ricardo...I think,” Strickland added.

Chief Warren just looked up in disbelief and then glanced over at Strickland and Zimmerman as he wiped the blood off of his face.

“We are in serious trouble,” he said.


“Jay, wait up!” Melody yelled, running after him deep into the woods. They had been chasing each other all around the woods for an hour or two, and they lost track of time in the process. They also managed to stray away from the trails, and found themselves lost as darkness began to set in.

The nearby trees encased the camp, making it that much darker in the forest, and Melody was growing tired of Jay’s games. She also knew that they still had to film, and the rest of the group would be pissed if they didn’t get back soon.

“Come on Jay, this ain’t funny no more! We have to get back and film!” She yelled as she saw him run down a narrow trail along the edge of the lake. She nearly slipped and fell off of the dirt trail and into the lake, but managed to grab a tree nearby and save herself.

When she came through the opposite side of the trail, she heard Jay ahead of her laughing and breathing heavily as he continued to stay just out of her reach. But then, all of a sudden, she heard Jay scream and heard a thud on the ground up ahead. She couldn’t see what happened, but rushed to get there.

“Hunney, are you okay?” Melody asked, but there was no reply. “Baby?”

There was still no reply, but when she got close enough, Jay grabbed her from behind and started to kiss her. Melody screamed but then giggled when she realized what he was up to. The kissing turned hot and heavy, but as they turned the other way, Melody gasped.

“What?” Jay asked.

Melody didn’t reply. She just pointed directly ahead of them.

“What???” Jay asked again, but then he saw the barbed wire. The wire was strung out in a line very haphazardly across the ground, as if someone went to a lot of trouble to keep people out.

“Something’s not right here,” Melody said. “We better get back and film before the others leave us here.”

“Oh shit! I forgot all about that,” Jay answered. “They’re gonna kill us for sure.”

“Not if we get right back there they won’t,” Melody assured him.

“Look! I think I see a cabin up there,” Jay replied, ignoring her.

“Really?” Melody asked. “I thought the cabins were back that way?”

“Well, there’s something up there,” Jay responded. “Let’s go see what it is.”

“I don’t know babe. There’s definitely something fucked up about this whole situation. But we can’t stay here, that’s for sure,” Melody said, pointing to the ‘Keep Out’ sign draped along the barbed wire.

Melody then followed Jay up the trail and when they came out of the clearing, they found that the cabin wasn’t a cabin at all. Rather, it was a house. So, Jay led Melody through the yard past what appeared to be an old campfire circle and some picnic tables and made their way to a large porch.

“It doesn’t look like anyone’s home,” Jay said, peering into the house through a dirty, weathered window.

“It doesn’t look like anyone’s been home for a long time,” Melody replied, noticing that the paint was all worn off of the house and porch, and that there were no lights on inside.

Jay sat down on the steps of the weatherbeaten old porch and glanced off into the horizon.

“The door’s locked,” Melody said, shutting the screen door with a bang as she tried to peer into the dark interior of the house.

But she was then startled as Jay rang a nearby bell that made her jump out of her skin. The piercing ring of the tarnished old bell echoed loudly throughout the otherwise quiet forest. Even the crickets and creatures of the night heard it.

“Stop that! This place gives me the creeps,” Melody answered, worried.

“Baby, don’t worry, there’s nothing here. This place just has that vibe leftover from the murders the other night,” Jay stated.

“Yeah, this place definitely has a vibe alright, and it’s not a good one,” Melody said.

“Well then, we need to change the vibe, don’t we?” Jay asked, kissing her cheek and then her neck.

“Oooh, what are you doing?” Melody giggled as Jay made his way down her neck and toward her chest. “We better get back.”

Jay ignored her, and Melody then panted as he unbuttoned her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so it took little time for Jay’s hands and mouth to find their way all over her. Melody started to breathe heavy as she took off Jay’s shirt.

Their lips soon met, and it got hot and heavy again, as they had business to finish from earlier in the day. Before long, their clothes came off, and they found themselves lying on the floor of the porch exploring each other.

Melody then laid down, and Jay climbed on top of her as their bodies met. “Wait a minute,” Melody said, briefly interrupting their passion to think about the potential consequences of their actions. “What?” Jay asked, knowing exactly what she was thinking. “Nothing,” she surprisingly smirked, winking at him.

Jay and Melody then began making love, both happy to share in the moment with each other. Jay had the motion down pat, and he knew he was doing something right when Melody screamed and yelled at the top of her lungs in pleasure.

However, that pleasure soon turned to pain, as Melody then screamed at the top of her lungs in absolute terror. Right before her eyes, a man in a white hockey mask grabbed Jay from behind and yanked his head backward, nearly breaking it completely off as blood spurted out. An instant later, Jason’s hand came blasting through Jay’s body, splashing his guts all over Melody below, leaving behind only his spine, which now stuck out through his chest.

Melody desperately tried to free herself from beneath Jay, and had to push his stomach and intestines out of the way in order to do so. In the meantime, Jason grabbed an old rusty ax from a nearby woodpile and slowly stalked toward her. Melody, still not free, looked up helpless as she realized that she was now at the mercy of Jason Voorhees.

“Noooo!” She screamed, but in the end, her voice was muffled out. Jason brought the ax straight down through her face, lodging it through her head and burying it deep into the rotted wood of the porch floor.

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