“Okay guys, here’s the problem,” Carrie stated as she paced back and forth in front of the group in cabin one. “All of our equipment is totally out of whack, but with a little bit of luck, we could possibly get about five minutes of filming,” she explained, but no one really seemed to care.

Jay was busy kissing Melody’s neck, Patty was eating a bag of stale potato chips, Slax was sleeping in the corner, and Jamal had his headphones on listening to DMX’s “X Gon' Give It To Ya.”

“Man, all that shit is whack,” Louie responded, who was the only one that was remotely paying attention to Carrie. “Five minutes of filming ain’t gonna do shit for our grade, we might as well just bounce up out of this bitch.”

“Yeah, I agree,” Patty mumbled with a mouthful of chips. “Just face it honey, this trip was a total waste.”

“Okay, everyone, pay the fuck attention!” Carrie screamed, clearly getting irritated with everyone’s lack of motivation. “I went through a lot of shit to get all this equipment, and I put my neck on the line, and risked possible arrest by coming out here so we can pass this damn class, and I will not throw it all away for nothing. I don’t give a damn if we have to stay out here all year, we are going to film!”

This got the attention of everyone as Jamal took off his headphones, Slax woke up rubbing his eyes, and Melody pushed Jay off her.

“Hey I got an idea,” Slax replied. “Why doesn’t everyone just mellow out man. It’s a beautiful day out and we are in this old musty ass cabin screaming at each other over some stupid school shit. I can have that camera fixed in about 10 minutes when we get ready to film, but in the meantime, let’s go out and enjoy ourselves.”

“Yeah I hear that man, let’s go down and check out that lake,” Jamal agreed. “Then we can film this shit around lunchtime and get the fuck out of here.”

Everyone seemed to like the idea of just chilling, including Carrie, so everyone went outside to greet the radiant sun and the fresh air.

“Hey I’ll race you guys down to the lake,” Jay said as he took off with a head start.

“Oh hell no,” Jamal yelled as he sprinted after him, followed by Louie and Slax. The three girls just giggled and watched the guys running down the short trail nearly tripping over fallen logs and getting smacked in the face by branches.

“Wow this is beautiful,” Melody said as the group finally reached the shore of Crystal Lake.

“The water feels great too,” Louie chimed in, already barefoot in the shallow part of the lake.

“Watch out for the killer snakes, dude,” Slax joked.

“Snakes, what snakes?” Louie yelped in a high-pitched voice as he sprinted out of the water.

This elicited a chorus of laughs from everyone, as Louie just blushed.

“Hey guys, what’s this?” Patty asked as she bent over examining something on the ground.

“A full moon?” Jamal chuckled in a fit of laughter from seeing Patty’s huge behind.

“It looks like tire tracks,” Carrie said as she joined Patty near the dock.

“That sure is some tire tracks,” Louie agreed as he too examined the ground.

“Why would there be tire tracks leading out into the lake?” Melody questioned, puzzled.

“I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet it has something to do with the murders,” Carrie responded, matter-of-factly.

The group just stood in awe at the thought of the murders until Jay squeezed Melody’s ass and she chased him off into the woods.

Patty went and sat down in the shade under a tree, and pulled out a cheesy Danielle Steel romance novel, titled “To Love Again”, and began to read.

Slax started skipping stones into the water, as he puffed on his Marlboro cigarettes.

“Hey guys I’ll be back in a few. I’m going to see if I can fix the cameras,” Carrie informed them.

Everyone just mumbled back with an “okay” and went back to their own business, not wanting to be bothered with the thought of schoolwork.

Louie went out to the edge of the dock and started screaming, “I’m the king of the world,” for no apparent reason, when Jamal slowly snuck up behind him and pushed him into the water.

Louie screamed as he tumbled into the murky Crystal Lake water, and waved his hands frantically as he did his best attempt at a doggy paddle to get to the shore.

“What the fuck dog, you know I’m afraid of water. That shit ain’t cool!” Louie yelled furiously as he stood there, dripping wet in his Sean John outfit.

Jamal only laughed harder, and Slax yelled, “I’m the king of the world,” mimicking Louie, and that made Jamal laugh even harder.

“Fuck all y’all!” Louie yelled.

“What you say?” Jamal asked, still holding back his laughter.

“I said fuck you, nigga,” Louie fired back furiously.

Jamal’s laughter came to a sudden halt, as his eyes got big and without thinking, he punched Louie straight in the face.

Louie fell to the ground and began to cry. Jamal went to hit him again, but Slax stopped him.

“It’s cool dude, let him go. I think he learned his lesson,” Slax assured Jamal, holding him back. Jamal outraged, just walked away by himself.

Louie got to his feet and hurriedly sprinted up the nearest path he saw.


In the woods, Louie thrashed through the brush struggling to find his way back to the cabins.

He was so embarrassed, he couldn’t think straight. Not only was his brand new outfit ruined, but his right eye was swollen shut as well. But the worst part was, he cried in front of Patty, all because of the man he idolized. But he would get his, yes he would.

He would get back to his cabin, get his switchblade from his bag, and make that son of a bitch Jamal get down on his knees and beg for his life, right in front of Patty. That would show her he’s a real man, and he wasn’t going to take shit from anyone anymore.

“Shit where the hell are the fucking cabins?!” Louie shouted to himself as he looked around with one blurry eye.

All he could see around him were thick green bushes and huge trees. He struggled to find some sort of path on the ground, but had no luck. All he could manage to find were some dead dried-up leaves and fallen branches.

He knew he couldn’t have wondered off too far because the walk from the cabins to the lake wasn’t that far at all.

“Carrie!” he yelled, remembering that she went back to the cabins shortly before the incident, and maybe she could hear him. “Carrie, can you hear me, it’s me Louie. I can’t find my way back. Carrie!”

There was no answer, Louie only cursed to himself as he continued to thrash around trying to find his way back to the horseshoe of cabins.

Then he heard a slight cracking noise behind, as if someone was behind him.

“Okay, you bitch, you want to finish this or what, motherfucker?” Louie shouted as he turned around expecting to come face-to-face with Jamal.

Instead, he came face to chest with Jason Voorhees, who glared down at him breathing heavily through his demonic hockey mask.

Out of instinct, Louie threw a punch, but Jason caught his fist, and with ease, whipped his entire body into the tree beside him, impaling his black and blue eye through a limb on the tree.

Jason just stood and watched as Louie’s body shook a few times before dying, as his blood drained down the side of the tree into a pool at his feet.

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