“Well I don't know about you guys, but I’ve sat in this damn van long enough. Let’s make a run for that cabin,” Carrie said, pointing to the nearest cabin: cabin one.

“I'm with you. Anything will be better than sitting in here,” Melody replied as she flipped the hood on her hooded sweatshirt up to keep her hair dry.

“Okay guys, can you wait one minute?” Patty asked, digging through her jam-packed book bag, and pulling out a yellow raincoat.

“Damn, what else you got in there?” Jay joked, trying to see what all was in the bag.

“My whole world. You'll see,” she replied as she pulled the strings tight around her neck so the hood wouldn't fly off.

With that, they quickly exited the van and Carrie led them to cabin one. Jamal, Slax, and Louie were hesitant to join them, but followed soon after. The inside of the cabin was empty and had the horrible smell of mold and wet, rotted wood. The back of the cabin had a hole in the roof, and nearly the entire floor was wet.

“Hell yeah, this brings back some good old memories of back home in the ghetto,” Jamal said, examining the surroundings.

“For sure man. I come straight from the hood, so this place is like the Hilton compared to that shit,” Louie replied, raising his hand to slap Jamal a high-five.

Jamal just stared at him. “Man, what you talking about ‘hood’, you came from Rhode Island. The only hoods you see there are the hoods on the cars, dumbass.”

“Man, why you got to blow up my spot all the time,” Louie sneered, disappointed.

“Okay, well anyway,” Carrie stated as she clapped her hands attempting to break up the argument.

“Yeah, what are we going to do now with this stupid rain, we sure as hell can't film,” Slax said, staring out the only window in the cabin into the downpour.

“Well I'm sure this rain isn't going to last all day, and even if it does, we can film from right inside one of these cabins,” Carrie replied, trying to sound optimistic.

“Um, Carrie hunney, I know you have this vision or whatever of becoming famous out here, but we just got to face reality now,” Melody griped. “This whole trip is a huge bust. There is no way we can film from here because there is no power source, and the lighting just plain sucks, and besides, this place gives me the creeps. I take back what I said in the van a little bit ago. I would rather just sit in there and drive home.”

“We have a power source and we have battery backups for all the cameras,” Carrie answered, searching the cabin for the best place to set up. “All we have to do is pull the van down next to the cabin, and we can broadcast from the porch, because that still seems to be in good shape. And lighting won’t be a problem, either, because I’m sure this rain will let up sooner or later.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jay agreed. “I really don't want to drive that long ass ride back home now.”

Melody just gave him a dirty glance.

“Uh, then again, I don't really know,” Jay reconsidered, trying to cover up his mistake of disagreeing with Melody. “It’s kind of dead here, and it would probably be best just to leave.”

“Ha ha, looks like you ain't getting no play tonight,” Jamal joked as he mockingly put a hand on Jay's shoulder to comfort him.

“Come on Mel, we need you, I promise we’ll be gone tomorrow night at the very latest,” Carrie said, trying to convince Melody to stay.

“Well I guess,” Melody finally relented, still not sounding too thrilled about the whole idea. “I mean, it's not like it's going to kill me to stay here in this god forsaken place for one day.”

“Great!” Carrie smiled, hugging Melody. “The sooner we get set up, the sooner we can film and leave. Jay, if you want, you can just pull the van down here and park it right next the cabin on that side. All of the equipment we need is in there. So let’s get everything set up and do a quick rehearsal, then we’ll get set up for tonight.”

Slax gave her another mock salute, and the group followed Jay out and watched from the porch. Jay made a dash for the van, which was only parked about 50 yards away, while the rest of the group talked amongst themselves. Carrie actually sensed for the first time that they were excited to be there.

Carrie smiled as she watched Jay slowly drive the van through the wet and muddy grass. Jay pulled up along the cabin and was just getting ready to back up to park, when the van’s rear tire fell into a crater that wasn't noticeable with the fog and heavy rain.

Carrie's gut feeling then suddenly rushed back to her that they shouldn't be here, and that this wouldn't be the last bit of bad luck they would have. Not by a long shot.

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