Although Carrie was soaked from the rain, she was still glad that she stopped and asked that cab driver for the directions. If she hadn’t, who knows where they could have ended up. However, the directions were right and shortly after stopping at the diner, they turned left onto a skinny dirt road that would eventually lead them back to the murder capital of the world: Camp Crystal Lake.

“Damn this rain sucks ass,” Jamal said angrily as he struggled to see Jay's van in front of him. Even with his wipers on high speed, he could still only barely make out the back of the van.

“Yeah there ain't no way in hell we’re going to be able to film in this weather,” Slax replied, peering out his window into the damp wilderness.

“Yo, I'm feeling this rain though for real,” Louie chimed in as he popped his head in between the two front seats.

“Uh what did you say?” Slax asked, confused.

“Why man?” Jamal added, glaring back at Louie.

“Cause yo, I'm figuring if it's all raining and shit, then we got to stay indoors, and then I can make my move on that fine piece of ass, Patty,” Louie proudly replied.

Jamal and Slax both busted out laughing.

“Yeah, well first you got to pry her off my nuts,” Slax responded, still laughing.

“Why you even going to bother with her man, that girl is wide on all sides, if you know what I mean,” Jamal stated, still struggling to stay on the narrow road.

“It's all good my brothers. It's just more cushion for the pushin’,” Louie replied as he made a humping motion.

Slax bust out into another fit of laughter, but Jamal didn't respond this time.

“We're here,” Jamal quietly informed them as he parked the car.

All the laughter in the car was quickly replaced by silence as the trio just peered out the windshield.

Standing ominously in front of them was a horseshoe of cabins, old and weatherbeaten, surrounded by thick woods on all sides. In the middle, they noticed a crater about maybe five feet deep. The eerie silence was interrupted by a stroke of lightning, quickly followed by a rumble of thunder. It was as if the camp was welcoming them.


“Are you sure this is such a good place to go?” asked 18-year-old Mandy Bloughs as she nervously looked outside the backseat window of her boyfriend’s Jeep Cherokee.

“Hell yeah, this is the perfect place to go. Now just relax and kiss me,” replied 21-year-old Travis Toscow.

Mandy let him kiss her and the two began to passionately kiss in the backseat of the Jeep as the rain continued to beat down outside.

Travis and Mandy had just begun dating only a few months ago, but they had already been acting like a married couple. The two were inseparable. You could never see one in town with out the other, and they already had plans to move in together into Travis's new two-bedroom house.

However, tonight, they were both ready to take the next big step in the relationship: sex.

Travis was more experienced in that field and had been ready for this next step since he first laid eyes on Mandy’s perfect slim body, long blonde hair, and ice blue eyes.

Mandy, on the other hand, was still a virgin, and the thought of losing it to Travis felt so right. Everything about him felt so right with her.

However, she wasn’t too happy about the thought of losing it in the backseat of his Jeep in the middle of nowhere during what seemed like a hurricane outside.

The two kissed deeper, and just as Travis was beginning to lower her down on the seat, thunder rumbled in the distance and Mandy broke the kiss.

“I'm scared now. What if a tree falls on us?” Mandy asked, biting the tip of her thumbnail.

“Look honey, no tree is going to fall on us, lightning is not going to strike the car, and we are not going to get rushed away in a massive flood, so just please relax and don't worry about anything,” Travis replied, clearly getting annoyed.

“What about those murders we heard about last night?” Mandy said, continuing her paranoia. “Weren't they around here somewhere?”

“No, no they weren't talking about this Crystal Lake baby, they were talking about the one in California,” Travis replied reassuringly, but at the same time lying through his teeth. Mandy was never too bright to begin with and he knew if he told her that the murders actually did take place in the same woods they were in only on the other side of the lake, they would surely be hightailing it home.

“Are you sure?” Mandy questioned.

“Yes, I'm sure and I'll show you,” Travis said as he rolled down the front widow and stuck his head out.

“Hey out there!” Travis shouted through the pouring down rain. “Are there any psycho’s out there, because we got some young fresh meat here for you?!!" He continued to shout as he closed his eyes and stuck his neck out the window as if it was on a guillotine.

“Get back in here! You’re letting all the rain in!” Mandy giggled, tugging on the back of his shirt. Travis smiled as he pulled his head back inside, but as he was rolling the window back up, something caught his eye. Directly in front of him a bush moved. He stared at it for a moment, but it didn't move again, so he shrugged it off.

“Look at you, you’re all wet now,” Mandy said as she wiped the water running down his cheek. Without saying another word, the couple began to kiss more passionately then ever before. Travis successfully laid her back on the seat as his hands roamed throughout her body. Pausing for only a brief second, Mandy pulled her shirt over her head and un-did her bra, exposing her two large breasts.

Travis did the same with his shirt, and the couple lost themselves once again in each other's passionate kiss. In a whirl of emotion and extreme kissing, Mandy eventually wound up nude laying on the backseat of the Jeep. All Mandy remembered thinking to herself was, 'wow this is finally it, it's finally happening' before total ecstasy washed over her body as Travis entered her.

Both were lost in the moment so neither one noticed the Jeep violently rocking back and forth the first time it happened. Travis finished shortly after, and the Jeep began to once again shake, and this time Travis faintly saw a figure move behind the Jeep.

“What the hell was that?” Mandy nervously asked as she struggled to get her tight jeans back on.

“All my friends know this spot up here, and they knew I was coming here today, so it has to be one of them,” Travis replied as he too slipped his baggy jeans back on.

“What, your friends are stupid, but I don't think they are stupid enough to be running around in the woods in this kind of weather just to get a cheap scare,” Mandy shouted back, sounding both angry and scared at the same time.

“Hey chill out baby, I'll prove it to you,” Travis replied as he once again went to stick his head out the driver's side window to tell his friends to stop.

Only this time when he stuck his head out to shout, one strong meaty hand clamped over his mouth, with the other hand clamped down on the back of his head. The hands of Jason Voorhees simultaneously turned Travis's head 180 degrees.

Mandy screamed as she now stared into the eyes of her boyfriend, from his back. As blood from Travis's mouth dripped down his back and his dead body slumped lifelessly into the driver’s seat, Mandy looked through the window and saw her boyfriend's attacker.

She stared into a beat-up white hockey mask for only a second until he disappeared. She was frozen with fear. The only thing she knew was that Travis was dead and if she didn't do something soon, she would be too.

The Jeep began to rock back and forth once again, and then lightning struck again, this time very close, and the shaking stopped. Her instincts took over and directly behind Travis's body, she saw the set of keys still in the ignition. The Jeep briefly shook again, but this time it was nowhere as rough as before.

Mandy then took her chance as she grabbed Travis's limp body, struggling to pull him out of the driver’s seat. Thunder rumbled again close by, and Mandy was finally able to pull Travis out and get in the driver’s seat.

She tried to briefly scan outside to see if she saw their attacker, but though her tears and the blinding rain, everything was a blur. She fumbled around trying to find the keys, and just as she was ready to turn the ignition, a pitchfork came through the ceiling of the Jeep and struck directly in the top of Mandy's head.

Jason stood on the roof of the Jeep as the rain beat down heavily on Crystal Lake, staring down at his handiwork. Lightning struck one more time, and was quickly followed by thunder as Jason raised his head.

He sensed intruders at his camp.

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