Meanwhile, 300 miles away in the small town of Newkirk, Massachusetts, 21-year-old communications student Carrie Wilson turned the volume up on the T.V. in her small two-room apartment just as a special report came across the screen pertaining to the new Crystal Lake murders. "Hey you two, keep it down, this could be big news," Carrie hollered across the room at her roommate, Melody Morrison, and her boyfriend, Jay Carter.

"Officials are still struggling to clean up the blood that was spilled here at the old Crystal Lake campgrounds. However, residents can breathe a sigh of relief as we have received word from law enforcement officials that they have apprehended the suspect, 27-year-old Rob Goldwater, who is now in police custody..." Mayor Joseph Quincy stated, urging residents to stay calm and to return to life as normal. After the mayor spoke, the local reporter cut in, saying, "...Tomorrow is the final day of the investigation. Stay tuned to WBKM for up-to-date information regarding..." Click. Carrie turned off the T.V. before the reporter could finish and got a huge smile on her face as she gazed at her comrades.

Carrie had slim features and shoulder-length blond hair. She wasn't the hottest girl on the campus, but nonetheless, she still got her fair share of attention from guys. Carrie, along with Melody and Jay, were juniors at Newkirk attending summer classes to get some extra credits for their major.

All three majored in communications and needed to come up with a senior project for next semester in order to graduate, and both Melody and Jay knew Carrie was up to something. They could see the figurative light bulb blaring above her head like an old Warner Brothers cartoon.

Melody knew Carrie well enough (they roomed together for the past three years) that she knew what Carrie was going to say even before she uttered a word. Melody was also 21, had the perfect body, the perfect height, the perfect everything. She could have easily had any guy on any campus, but she chose to remain faithful to her high school sweetheart, Jay.

“Okay, you might as well just unscrew that light bulb girl because there is no way we’re going out there!” she said, hoping to drop the subject.

“Come on Mel, this will be perfect,” Carrie replied. “If it's good enough, we may even get national recognition.”

“Wait, go where? What's going on?” Jay butted in, confused. Jay was 22, one year older than the girls, and was never too bright to begin with. He got through life on his looks and charm, and got accepted to Newkirk on a football scholarship. His life revolved around two things- football and Melody. Melody and football. Then football and Melody again. Communications was his third major in three years, and he only picked it because it was Melody’s major. If by chance he didn't make the pro's, he figured he could be an on-field announcer or something.

“Jay, tell me this wouldn't be perfect,” Carrie asked, excited at the mere thought of her idea. “We go out to Camp Crystal Lake and do a documentary on the murder capital of the world. Then it gets picked up on the local news as a feature story, then CNN buys it, then it goes international!”

“What? You’re crazy!” Jay objected. “Didn't all those people just get killed there yesterday?!”

“Yes, but it's totally safe,” Carrie assured him. “You saw the announcement. They have the killer in custody," Carrie replied.

“Yeah, but what about all the murders that took place there the past couple years?” Jay questioned. “People claim that it was actually the legend, Jason Voorhees, that committed the murders,” Melody chimed in from the kitchen.

“Well I’d put money on it that the guy in custody was also responsible for those killings as well,” Carrie explained, standing up and pacing back and forth in the room as if she were giving a presentation. “So we get there, get some shots of the camp, interview some people, then we get out of there. It’s that easy.”

“Hmmm,” was all that Melody could say as she sat on the couch in deep thought.

“This is some wild shit Carrie,” Jay said as he stared at the floor brainstorming.

“Well Mel, what do you say?” Carrie anxiously asked, breaking the silence.

“We need to get a full crew first,” she replied. “But you can count me in.”

“Me too,” Jay added. “And besides, I can use the easy ‘A’ to get my GPA back up so I can still play football.”

“Great, all we gotta do is round up the others and get to it. I’d like to set out tomorrow afternoon at the latest.” Carrie stated.

“Woah, why so soon?” Jay piped in. “I have summer football camp to worry about. Coach would kick my ass off the team if I skipped out on him.”

“We need to get there before anyone else does, or before the entire site gets condemned,” Carrie explained, matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, she’s right,” Melody added. “Coach will understand…after all, it’s for class.”

“I guess you’re right,” Jay said, nervously. “But one more thing Carrie…”

“What's that?” she replied.

“What if we find that Jason guy?” Jay asked, trying to hide the nervousness in his voice.

“I mean, what if he is really there and he killed all those people?”

“That's bullshit, Jay,” Carrie replied with a laugh. “There's no such thing as ghosts.”

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