This ending picks up in Chapter 30, after Carrie pulls Kevin from the lake, but before he dies:


Back at Crystal Lake, Carrie still sat there with Kevin on the lakefront, holding his limp body and crying hard. He was barely holding on.

The sirens got louder and before long, the helicopters approached as well, shining their spotlights down on the campground. They were then greeted by former officer Dwayne Lewis. He immediately called for the paramedics.

“Are you okay?” Lewis asked as Carrie noticed a huge armored van labeled “SWAT” screech to a halt nearby. “I hope we’re not too late.”

“It’s all over,” she said as she noticed the 15 or so swat team members climb out of the back of the van in full riot gear, armed to the teeth. Funny, she thought to herself. We could have used them about 20 minutes ago.

Carrie, along with Kevin, was getting the preliminary checkup, and the medics had to practically pry Kevin away from her. “It’s alright,” one medic told her. “We’re gonna take good care of him.”

“I’m going with him,” she demanded as they were both loaded into the ambulance, which sped off down the dirt road, its lights disturbing an otherwise peaceful night sky.

In the ambulance, the medics hooked her up to an IV and bandaged her up, when a loud clicking sound came from her belt. She looked down and noticed that her palmcorder had just ran out of tape and shut off. She unclipped it from her belt and held it tight in her hands, only then realizing that the tape had been running the entire time. She then laid back to rest, comforted in knowing that no one would think she was crazy.

(The rest of Chapter 30 remained the same)


Later that night, at the Wessex County Medical Center, Carrie lay impatiently in her room awaiting word on Kevin’s condition.

She was sprawled out on her bed in full hospital attire and was given the room nearest to the nurse’s station. Her door was creaked open just a little, and she could hear the rock and roll radio station playing outside: “This is The Rock 102.3,” the deep radio voice said. “KJVR, Wessex County, Crystal Lake. All the best rock. All the time.”

After that, Evanescence’s “My Immortal” came over the airwaves, and the more she heard of it, the more the lyrics brought tears to her eyes.

“These wounds won’t seem to heal...this pain is much too real..."

Carrie lost it. Realizing what it all could possibly mean, Carrie started to get out of bed and limp toward the door. When she saw the nurse walk away, she went to the nurse’s station and snatched the patient registry and saw Kevin’s name. Room 135. She spun around and looked at her room number. 103. He was just down the hall! Determined, she carefully limped down the hallway as a nurse finally noticed her coming out of the smoke-filled break room. However, Carrie was too far ahead for the heavyset nurse to catch her, so she called security.

Carrie couldn’t get to his room fast enough. Room 115. She used the wall as a prop to help herself along. 120. Her limping was getting worse. 125. Keep going, she said to herself. 130. You can do it. 132. 135. There he was! She pushed open the door and was immediately subjected to a frenzy of doctors and nurses surrounding his bed.

“Miss, you have to come with us,” one doctor tried to tell her. But she pushed him away and forced herself through the crowd to Kevin’s bedside. He was hooked up to every machine possible and his eyes were barely open now.

“Kevin, I’m here,” she whispered to him, grabbing his hand. He didn’t open his eyes any further, but he did smile at her, acknowledging her presence.

And just like that, she felt his hand go limp in hers. Then she heard the hospital monitor flatline with the dreaded beeping sound that pierces your ears like no other sound in the world.

This time, a nurse and a doctor forcibly pulled Carrie back as two others tried to revive him with resuscitation and a defibrillator. Neither attempt worked.

As Carrie stared at the monitor hoping to see something other than a flat red line, she remembered the last thing Kevin said to her. “Carrie, don’t you worry,” she recalled as it played over and over in her head, “I will not die at Camp Crystal Lake.”

You were right, she thought. You didn’t.


Alternate Ending #1
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