Krista and Kevin barely managed to make it back down the steep hill to Camp Crystal Lake. Once they arrived, they found that more cops had arrived along with an ambulance.

Sgt. Miller’s call for back-up must have worked, Krista thought to herself as she helped Kevin down off the hill.

Two officers noticed them struggling, and immediately called for the paramedics.

Kevin, practically dead, was put on a stretcher and hauled away, while the officers pulled Krista aside and attempted to question her about what happened.

Krista had no energy left to answer any questions, and she collapsed right there into one of the officer’s arms, thanking god they made it out alive.


When Krista awoke, she screamed and panicked, feeling something sharp pierce her arm as two hands grabbed her.

“Please, lay back and rest,” said a soft gentle female voice.

She looked over and noticed it was only a nurse hooking her up to an IV.

She then realized she was in a hospital, and calmed down for a brief second.

Until she remembered Kevin.

“Kevin, where’s Kevin!” she yelled, trying to get out of the bed.

“It’s okay child, the doctors had to take him to the emergency room,” the nurse said. “He's lost a lot of blood, but he's stable now and resting in the next room.”

“Can I see him?” Krista asked.

“Sure, when the doctors let me know, I will let you know,” the nurse replied.

“Thank you,” Krista responded.

The nurse then left Krista there all alone to rest comfortably.

While lying there, the gruesome images of the camp filled her head, and she started to cry.

Just then, her door opened, and in came Kevin, on crutches.

They immediately kissed and hugged, both of them in tears.

“It’s over,” Kevin cried to her. “It’s finally over.”

Krista said nothing and just held him.


Meanwhile, back at Crystal Point, deep below the frozen waters of the small cave pool, there is Jason.

Frozen solid.

And one look into his one good eye will tell the tale.

He is very angry.

And he wants out.

To get those little bastards for what they did to him.

Just then, directly above him, the ice slowly began to crack.


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