This is bullshit, Nikki thought to herself as she searched for the bathrooms.

Walking for nearly fifteen minutes, all she managed to find were some back cabins and an old beat up lodge. It was dark and she could barely even see her hand in front of her face, when she remembered that she packed a small flashlight in her book bag. Quickly, Nikki took it out and shined it up the trail, where she could see a large building through the trees.

This has to be the bathroom, she thought excitedly, and picked up her pace to find out for sure.

She reached the front door of the building and hesitantly pushed the door open. The door made a loud creak, causing her to jump back, frightened. There was just something about this whole place that gave her a bad feeling in her stomach, something just didn't seem right.

She shined her flashlight inside and was relieved to see a row of sinks and some stalls, but no showers. It was very dirty inside and smelled like mildew. She pulled her shirt up over her nose and took a step inside. She then tried to turn on the lights, but they didn't work. The power must be shut off, she thought.

She took a couple more steps over to the sinks, hoping that the water was still turned on when she heard a thump over in the far corner.

Nikki quickly shined her flashlight toward the noise and gasped, "Who's there?"

There was no response.

"Scott, is that you?" she asked as she slowly crept toward the corner. "Krista, Sean, anybody?"

There was still complete silence, and Nikki just gave up and walked over to the sink.

She tried the faucet, but no water came out.

"Damnit!" she screamed, pounding the sink. "I can't believe I'm in this hell hole with no water or electricity! I'm going to kill Scott for making me come."

Her sentence was cut short by another thump, but this time it was much louder and much closer than before, and she knew there was definitely someone else in there with her.

Nikki bolted straight for the door, but as soon as she reached the door, a huge possum came scurrying across the floor right in front of her and started to hiss at her.

Nikki screamed and sprinted out the door and down the trail the way she came.


"Damn, you run as fast as hell," Scott said, out of breath, as he finally caught up to Ashley, who was sitting on the cabin seven porch with her head in her knees crying.

"Shut-up, leave me alone," Ashley said, crying.

"What's the matter babe?" Scott said, sitting down next her and putting his arm around her.

"You know what you did. Don't play stupid Scott!" Ashley screamed.

"No, actually I don't," Scott said, trying to act confused, when in fact, he knew exactly what was wrong.

"Let me refresh your memory," Ashley said, matter-of-factly. "When Emmy and I came back from the first aid cabin, you and little miss Playboy bunny were all over each other."

"I guess you're mad about that!" Scott yelled back. "The poor girl was upset and crying. All I was trying to do was comfort her and talk her into staying, because she is my friend," Scott explained.

"It looks like more than that to me," Ashley said, with a tear dripping down her cheek.

"She's just a friend, Ashley, that's all she is," Scott said.

"It just seems like you've been paying a lot more attention to her lately," Ashley replied. "The whole ride up here, you barely said one word to me. All you did was talk to miss future centerfold. I love you so much and don't ever want to lose you."

"It's ok," Scott said, wiping the tear from her cheek. "I would never do anything to hurt you."

"Promise?" Ashley asked.

"Cross my heart and hope to die," Scott replied.

Ashley then threw her arms around him and they started to kiss passionately before hearing thunder in the sky above.

Scott broke the silence.

"We better get back before we get drenched," Scott said. "We still got to get our bags out of my car and pick cabins."

"Yeah, besides, it's getting late," Ashley said, glancing at her watch.

It was a little after midnight when the couple made their way back to the horseshoe of cabins.

"Damn, why the hell is there so much dust and cobwebs in these cabins?" Emmy complained, pulling the cobwebs off of her shirt.

Emmy and Krista stood in the doorway of cabin two peering into the dark, creepy cabin.

Two metal bunkbeds were on each side and a small dresser was in the corner. They already went back for their bags and Emmy pulled out a lantern and set it on the dresser.

"Well, home sweet home," Emmy said, throwing her bags onto the bottom bunk, trying to sound cheerful. "So, do you want the top or the other bottom before Ashley snatches it up?" she asked Krista.

"Oh, no, that's ok," Krista replied. "I think I should stay over in cabin three, because I want to stay with my sister. I don't think having Nikki and Ashley in the same cabin is such a good idea."

"Good point," Emmy replied, walking over to a window. "Check it out. I can see your cabin perfectly from this window, so if you need anything just yell."

"Okay thanks," Krista replied as she grabbed her bag and went over to cabin three.

Emmy unrolled her sleeping bag on the bottom bunk and started to take off her shirt to get changed for bed. Suddenly, she heard a creak outside on the cabin porch. Quickly, she spun around to see who was there.

Nothing but darkness.

"Krista, is that you?" she asked.

There was no response, only another sound, which sounded like a light tapping against the cabin's door.

"Who's there?" she asked with a slight shake in her voice.

She knew there was something there, so she built up enough courage and slowly crept toward the door to see who it was outside. Just as she touched the doorknob to open the door, the door swung open really fast and Emmy jumped back and screamed.

"Boo!" laughed Scott hysterically as he and Ashley walked into the cabin with their bags.

"Aww, did I scare you?" Scott asked, like he was actually sorry.

Then he started to crack up laughing again.

"You're such a jerk," Emmy said as she hit Scott in the shoulder.

She was partly relieved that it was them at the door and not some rabid animal or an ax-wielding maniac.

"Just ignore him, Emmy," Ashley said as she made her way to the other bottom bunk with her bags. "He's just wound up, and acting more stupid than normal," Ashley continued in a joking voice.

"Ha, ha, very funny," Scott said, picking up his bags. "If you girls are ok in here, I'm going to find me a cabin."

"We're fine, Scott," Emmy said, trying to get rid of him.

"Okay, I'm out of here," Scott laughed. "Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite."

The girls said nothing to him, but as Scott was leaving, he saw a small bug crawling across the floor. Instantly, he squashed it, making a crunching sound in the process.

"Eww, gross!" both girls screamed simultaneously.

With a smile on his face, Scott said nothing, and made his way outside to look for a cabin.


"Okay, this is not good," Nikki said to herself as she came a fork in the trail. She was on the trail that she thought she came from, trying to get back with the rest of the group and as far away as she could from that possum.

But somehow she got sidetracked.

After what seemed like hours of deciding what to do, she finally took the trail on the left. She walked for about ten minutes, hoping that she made the right decision. For some weird reason, she kept getting the feeling that someone was watching her, but she ignored it and kept walking up the trail until she came to a beachy clearing and saw the glassy surface of Crystal Lake.

"Damnit," she swore, kicking a stone into the lake.

"Scott, Sean, Krista, anybody out here?" she yelled. "Help me, I'm lost! I don't know how to get back!"

Then she heard a bush rustle to her right and she quickly spun around and shined her flashlight in the bushes.

Now what the hell, she thought to herself. I'm sick and tired of this place and I've only been here an hour. I swear I'm going to kill the next ugly animal that scares me.

She boldly took two steps toward the bush, when two powerful hands grabbed her from behind and tackled her to the ground. Nikki fought and kicked at her attacker, trying to scream, but he was to strong for her and held her tightly pinned to the ground with his hand over her mouth.

Nikki managed to catch a glimpse of the attacker's face and saw what seemed to be a white hockey mask. Nikki suddenly remembered what Scott was saying at the gas station about someone who haunted this campground that wore a hockey mask.

She managed to scream for a second, then the man slapped her hard across her face and tightened his grip on her mouth so she could barely breathe. Then the man brought down his face real close to her and said, "Go home now you stupid bitch. I warned you people about coming here, next time you wont be so lucky."

The man then took his hand off her mouth and ran off down the trail where she originally came from.

Nikki was too shocked to even say anything.

Even if she tried, she probably couldn't talk. Her voice box was probably crushed.

She did manage to recognize the man though.

It was the professor.

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