"Well, here we are, it looks just as beautiful as it did in the brochure," Professor Hon told his wife as he stepped out of the car and stared at the cottage before them.

Their cottage was right off of the shore of Crystal Lake. There were only two cottages in sight, but he knew there were more miles down the road and the campsite was only about a five-mile hike to the east of them.

He bought the cottage of a very attractive middle-aged woman who said her family lived there for as far back as she could remember, but some sort of tragedy occurred and she just wanted to get away from it.

A newlywed couple not too long ago had rented out the cottage next to them and it looked as if they were also going to be staying here for the weekend, since their car was parked outside. However, it didn't seem like anyone was around.

"Are we going to stand here staring at the place all night or are we gonna go in and check it out?" asked Mrs. Hon anxiously.

"We are going to go in and check this baby out," the professor replied as he reached in his pocket for the keys and rushed to the front door.

The inside of the cottage was decorated beautifully. It had the smell of a new home, since it had only been re-built last year. The woman who sold them the house said a fire or something destroyed the original and she got an exact replica built, but I guess it just wasn't the same.

It's a real shame she sold the cottage after all the money and time she put into it. All the better for me though, the professor thought to himself.

The stairs were right in front of the door and his wife ran up stairs to explore while he carried in their luggage.

After they finished unpacking and looking over the rest of the house, very pleased with their purchase, they decided to go out and sit on the dock and look at the stars.

The dock was plain, only about fifteen feet out into the lake. The professor thought he heard the woman say something about the dock used to be beautiful with a roof or something until it too was destroyed, but the professor was too distracted by the price of the place to even bother listening to her.

"Wow, the stars are beautiful tonight, aren't they?" Ada asked her husband as they sat on the edge of the dock looking out over Crystal Lake.

"Yeah, that's for sure," replied the professor, looking out into the woods trying to see if he could find any other docks nearby. He didn't, but he could of sworn he saw what looked like smoke rising out of the trees from across the lake.

"Hey is that smoke I see?" asked the professor, as he pointed toward where he thought it was.

"I don't see anything," replied Ada. "If it is in fact smoke, it's probably from the group of kids we met at the gas station earlier. They probably have a huge bonfire started by now."

The kids.

The professor had almost forgotten about their little run earlier today with those disrespectful little bastards.

"I can't even believe they are here," the professor stated angrily. "I came up here to get away from them blasted teens, not to baby-sit."

"You don't have to baby-sit anybody," Ada replied. "They are completely capable of taking care of themselves. Now stop getting all worked up about it. It's not good for your blood pressure."

"And they have the nerve to stay at the same campsite that all those murders took place at," the professor stated, "Why the hell don't the cops have that place blocked off or something?"

"Probably because the cops are too scared to go close to that place," Ada replied, "They've seen first-hand all the blood shed and dead bodies."

"Well, I sure am not afraid of the place," the professor continued, "and somebody gotta teach those kids a lesson in respect."

"Just what do you mean by that?" Ada asked.

"Nothing dear. Let's not fight or talk about those kids again, now just relax and enjoy our weekend," stated the professor as he put his arm around his wife.

They will learn to respect their elders, the professor thought to himself.

I'll show them.

I'll show them all.

The professor knew what he had to do.

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