"Shit! god damnit!" screamed 45-year-old Elias Tompkins, who just burnt his hand on his hot stove.

Screaming, he ran his hand under the cold faucet with hopes of cooling off his hand.

It didn't.

"That's just great," Elias said. "Now I gotta go the whole way to Carville to get to the hospital."

Elias, who recently moved to Crystal Lake after retiring from IBM in Boston, was preparing his Thursday night dinner. He had only been there for a month or so, and his doctor was still in Carville and had yet to transfer his medical records to the Wessex County Medical Center.

He wrapped his hand in ice and sat down to his turkey dinner. Just as he was dipping his fork into the juicy cut of meat, the phone rang.

"Son of a bitch!" Elias screamed as he slammed down his fork.

"Hello?!" he yelled.

"Hi, this is the Bank of Boston calling to offer you a special..."

Elias didn't even let the telemarketer finish, slamming down the phone.

"Fucking credit cards," Elias mumbled as he sat back down.

Just as he sat down, there was a knock at his door.

"In-fucking-credible!" he shouted as he flung open the door.

"Look, I already told you stupid kids that I don't want no god damn cookies!" he screamed, but then looked with surprise. No one was there.

"What the hell?" he said, stepping out onto his porch.

Being out in the middle of nowhere means that you can see somebody pull up in their car and still have time to react before they are at your front door. Last week, some girl scouts came to visit him selling their cookies, and he didn't buy any. He figured it was them coming back to bother him again.

With the gravy dripping down his chin, he stepped out into his yard. Still nothing. What the hell is going on here, he thought.

Just then Elias heard his teakettle start to steam on the inside of his house.

I am gonna kill those little bastards, Elias thought as he charged back toward the house. But then he realized something. He doesn't even drink tea!

Elias then greatly considered leaving and going back to Boston. This country life wasn't for him. He wanted to go back to Boston and be with civilization. That fact is that Elias was a city guy. He stuck out here like a sore thumb in the small run-down town of Crystal Lake. No wonder the townspeople gave him dirty looks when he told them where he was living.

They informed him about the whole curse of Jason Voorhees and that one day, Satan himself came up from the depths and took Jason straight to hell.

They also told him that the whole surrounding area was cursed and that Jason would come back one day to kill once again.

He told them they were full of shit, but now, with all this weirdness, he was starting to think that they were right.

Running back into the house, he took the teakettle off of the stove and went to grab his shotgun. Yes, his shotgun. Old Betsy, he used to call it. He could never use it in town, but now that he was in the middle of nowhere, he figured he could use it to kill some bear or whatever might ravage his house.

Flinging open his bedroom door, his eyes widened as he reached for his shotgun. It wasn't there!

He started to search around the room, but what he didn't notice was the dark figure standing in the front doorway. Jason Voorhees. He had come home to claim his mansion, even if it wasn't there.

When Elias ran back out into the kitchen, Jason was gone. Elias went to grab his electric knife that he used to gut the turkey, but it too was missing. Now he was really worried.

Then he heard it.

Coming from the living room.

It was the electric knife.

Elias, determined to find out what the hell was disturbing him, reached into his drawer and pulled out a meat cleaver and went to the living room.

When he got there, there was silence. An almost dead silence.

Just then, the power went out in his house.

"Damnit!" Elias screamed. "Those bastards downtown told me it was fixed."

Well the truth was, it was fixed. But they didn't count on having a Voorhees electrical problem.

Elias went back through the kitchen and outside. What he didn't notice is that his electric knife was back on the table where he left it.

Circling the house, Elias still was unable to find anything. He should have looked at the window and all his questions would have been answered. Because following him from inside the house was Jason Voorhees.

Making his way to the back porch, Elias had no clue what was going on. He had looked everywhere and found nothing. Yet things were mysteriously disappearing and re-appearing from his house. He just couldn't figure it out.

Discouraged, he sat down on his back porch rocking chair, clutching his cleaver.

Then he heard a familiar sound. A shot rang out from Old Betsy.

The problem was the shot came from inside the house.

An instant later, Elias was still sitting in his rocking chair. The only difference was that the window behind him was broken and his head was blown clean off his shoulders.

Jason had re-claimed his home.

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