"Krista? Where we going?" Kevin asked, ripping his arm out of the makeshift sling.

"Hold on, Iíll tell you when we get there," Krista replied, still charging hard through the thick brush.

But just then, Jason came out of nowhere and tackled the injured Kevin to the ground.

"No!" Krista screamed, heading back toward them with the fire extinguisher.

Jason now had Kevin in his grasp, with his huge powerful hands wrapped around his throat.

Kevin was fading fast, when Krista snuck up on Jason and said, "Hey!" to get his attention.

Immediately, Jason dropped Kevin to the ground with a thud and turned around.

Krista then conked Jason in the head with the extinguisher, and followed that up with a shot to the chest.

She then took off on her original path, hoping Jason would follow her.

He did.


As Krista came to a clearing in the woods, her destination was now right before her.

Crystal Point.

She looked back for a split second, then took off inside the cave, with the fire extinguisher in hand.

Now, if she could only remember where that waterfall was...

As soon as she got part of the way inside, the small bit of light that the moon provided disappeared, and it became apparent to her that she needed to find the flashlight she left there earlier.

Before long, she couldnít see her hand in front of her face, and she had no clue where she was at or where she was going.

So, trying to use her memory, she started to run, but then tripped and fell hard onto the hard ground.

Looking around, she couldnít see what tripped her, so she started to feel around with her hands.

Then she found it.


The flashlight.

Miracles do happen, she thought, as she picked it up.

But just as she turned it on, she screamed at what she saw.

Standing there, glaring at her through his mask, was Jason Voorhees.

She dropped the flashlight and broke it, so, once again, the cave went dark.

But, quickly remembering where she was, she knew that if that was where she left the flashlight, then the waterfall must be--


She recognized the path and immediately took off, before Jason could get his hands on her.

As she ran down the path, she started to see a small glint of moonlight, meaning she was going in the right direction.

With Jason right behind her, she knew she had to speed up in order for the plan to work.

But then she realized, when she dropped the flashlight, she also dropped the fire extinguisher!

"Shit!" she screamed as she came to the clearing and saw the waterfall.

"Now what?" she said, in an obvious dilemma.

Now the plan will never work, she thought, as she looked around, not knowing where Jason could be.

Well, with no other option, Krista figured she could climb out of the cave like they did earlier, and run back to camp to get another plan.

But then suddenly, the whole area went dark.

Slowly, but surely, it became pitch black as Krista heard a grinding sound.

The last thing she saw was Jasonís white mask as he pushed a boulder in front of the exit.

She screamed as the light slowly faded away.


Not knowing what to do now that her eyesight was taken away from her, Krista slowly tried to find her away around, using the sound of the waterfall as her guide.

She dipped her hands in the water, but immediately pulled them back.

That water was freezing cold, she thought, even colder than before!

Just as she pulled her hand back out of the water, a huge rush of water came as Jason emerged from underneath the water and attacked her, pulling her into the water.

She screamed and tried to kick and claw her way free, but it wasnít working.

Jason had her.

But then, lucky for Krista, Jasonís hand slipped, and she was freed.

Krista immediately began to climb up the side of the small cliff, hoping to get out.

But then she felt the boulder where the exit hole was.

She knew there was no way she would get out of there.

She also knew that she couldnít stand around too long, because before long, Jason would be...

Right behind her!

He picked her up with his bare hands and slammed her into the boulder with a thud.

But what he didnít notice was that the slam knocked the boulder loose, shining some moonlight into the dark.

Then, just as Jason was about to finish Krista off, a mysterious spray of CO2 nailed Jason in his face.

It was Kevin! He found the fire extinguisher!

Kevin used just enough to blind Jason, then somehow managed to work the boulder free, sending it tumbling down on top of Jason, who fell down the waterfall and into the pool below.

Kevin then pulled the unconscious Krista out of harmís way so that he could finally finish the job.

Kevin slowly climbed down the edge of the cliff and made his way to where he saw Jason go under.

He gripped the fire extinguisher tightly in his hands, before Jason attacked him from behind and pulled him underwater, leaving the fire extinguisher behind.

Underwater, Jason easily won the struggle, because of Kevinís weakened state.

Meanwhile, back at the top of the cliff, Krista slowly regained consciousness, completely unaware of what was happening.

She heard a struggle in the water, and when she got up, she mistakenly bumped the round boulder, giving it just enough to send it crashing down over the waterfall and into the water, as Jason and Kevin tangled below.

The boulder hit the water with a loud splash, and landed right on Jason, but not before nicking Kevin in the head.

With his consciousness slowly fading away, Kevin immediately surfaced, grabbed the fire extinguisher, pointed it directly at the water, and fired it.

Slowly, the pool of water began to freeze, with Jason trapped under the boulder at the bottom.

Then, just as the fire extinguisher ran out of CO2, the entire pool froze.

The job was finally done.

Seeing this, Kevin passed out once again.

But this time with a sigh of relief.

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