Krista was exhausted, but overwhelmed with joy.

Not only was Kevin still alive, but together they managed to take out Jason once and for all.

After Kevin had blacked out again, she managed to drag him onto the porch of nearest cabin, and gave him first aid from the kit she found in a storage shed. Along with various other items, she bandaged up Kevinís chest and arm.

The blood still showed through the bandage, but at least it stopped the bleeding. She then made a sling out of her shoestring, put his arm into the sling, and gently laid his head back so he could rest. She then crashed next to him, leaning up against the cabin resting her aching body.

Everything now seemed so still and calm at Camp Crystal Lake. The storm had passed over and now only a cool breeze blew through the air. Jasonís body still remained at the center of the cabins, with some steam still rising from his burnt chest.

It was ironic that only minutes ago, this place looked like World War 3, and now it seemed so peaceful.

So deceiving.

As it was when they first arrived.

"Where am I?" Kevin asked, breaking the silence.

"Itís ok Kevin, Iím here," Krista replied, rushing to his side.

"Jason, whereís Jason?" Kevin asked as he frantically looked around.

"Heís dead. We killed him," Krista reassuringly replied.

"Krista, we got to get out of here," Kevin insisted, getting to his feet.

"I still have the keys to the Explorer," Krista stated, as the two took off toward Scottís SUV.

When they got there, all hopes of escape were shot down.

All of the tires were slashed and completely flat.

The hood was cut up.

And the engine was torn apart.

"Damnit!" Kevin yelled, observing the damage. "Now how the hell are we going to get out of here?"

Krista didnít reply.

She just started the SUV looking dumbfounded as if she was on the verge of breaking down again.

Then they heard it.

It was really faint, but loud enough to break the eerie silence.

It was a siren.

They were saved!

The siren kept getting louder as it got closer to them. Before long, they could see a flash of blue and red lighting up their surroundings as two police cars roared into the campgrounds and screeched to a halt.

Three middle-aged cops stepped out, two in the first car and one in the last.

Kevin and Krista both ran up to the first two cops, and started yelling hysterically at the same time.

"Whoa, calm down kids, I am Officer Miller and this is Officer Buechler," Miller said, not waiting for Sgt. Zito to get out of his car. "Now are you the girl who called in the distress call?"

"Yes, thank god you came!" Krista exclaimed. "I wasnít really was Jason."

"His bodyís over there," she added, pointing in the direction of the body.

"Holy shit, this is Jason!" Buechler said as his eyes widened.

Sgt. Zito said nothing as his eyes widened in terror, looking at Jasonís body.

"Buechler, get the hell away from him!" Miller yelled.

"Oh my god, itís really him, the legendary Jason Voorhees," Buechler continued, not listening to a word Miller said.

"Buechler! We are not gonna tell you again!" Sgt. Zito piped in, finally coming around and realizing that the legend was true. "Now this is a direct order, you step away from him now and wait until back-up arrives."

"Ok, ok, calm down Sarge," Buechler replied, turning around and putting his hands up as if he never touched him.

Just then, Jasonís hand shot up into Buechlerís lower back and ripped out his spinal cord.

"No!" Krista screamed.

"Sergeant, wait!" Miller yelled, but it was too late.

Sgt. Zito was already over there.

Zito pulled out his nine-millimeter handgun and unloaded an entire clip into Jasonís chest, but Jason just stood there, unfazed by the bullets.

When Zito clicked empty, Jason reached in his side belt, pulled out a knife, and threw it at Zito, striking him square in the forehead.

Jason reached down and pulled the knife back out of Zitoís head and proceeded toward Miller, Kevin, and Krista.

"You kids run and hide, Iíll hold him off as long as I can," Miller said as he reached into the backseat of his patrol car and pulled out his shotgun.

"No, come with us!" Krista screamed. "I know a place where we can go."

Sgt. Miller just cocked his shotgun, looked at Kevin, and simply said, "Go."

Kevin grabbed Krista by the hand and the two took off running down the path.

"Wait, I have an idea," Krista said, stopping halfway up the path. "Wait here."

Krista then took a shortcut through the woods and Kevin could see her run into some kind of shed. Seconds later, she ran out, carrying a fire extinguisher.

"Whatís that for? Where are we going?" Kevin asked, running after Krista on the path.

"Iíll explain on the way, come on, letís hurry! We havenít got much time!" Krista replied, continuing up the trail.


Back at the center of the cabins, there was a standoff between Officer Miller and Jason.

Miller had his shotgun ready to fire, and Jason held his knife, poised to strike.

Jason took the first step forward, and Miller fired his shotgun and nailed Jason in the shoulder, knocking him backward, but not off his feet. Miller fired again, but this time missed as the shell narrowly flew past Jasonís head.

Jason seized his opportunity to attack and raised his knife high in the air, when Sgt. Miller fired another round, blasting Jason in the stomach.

This shot sent Jason flying back and onto the ground. He laid still for a moment, then popped back up, only to receive another shotgun blast to his chest.

Miller then stood over Jasonís body and placed the barrel of the shotgun in the center of his mask, but just as he fired Jason swung the knife and stabbed him in the knee, causing the shot to sail wide.

Miller staggered back, hardly able to walk on his left leg. He reached for his shotgun, but Jason reached it first, grabbed the gun, and aimed it at him.

Jason fired just as Miller was able to backhand the gun out of Jasonís grip.

Furious, Jason punched Miller and sent him sprawling backward.

Jason went back to pick up the shotgun, but this time Miller wasnít worried because he knew it only carried six shots.

Jason then must have realized it as well, because he gripped it like a baseball bat and delivered a home-run swing to the head of Officer Miller, sending his head five feet back as the rest of his body dropped motionless to the ground.

Then Jason turned his attention toward the path Kevin and Krista took, and started to follow it.

It was the path leading directly to Crystal Point.

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