Krista ran into her cabin, not knowing what to do.

She knew Jason would be right behind her, but she didnít know how far away he was.

If only those damn cops would have listened to her, they would be saved by now, she thought, punching the bed in anger.

Then she had an idea.

Scott surely had to have a flare gun in his SUV emergency kit.

She could use that to signal for help.

Then maybe those officers would believe her.

She immediately shot out the door to get to the SUV, but as she hit the porch, she tripped and fell.

Just then, Jason popped out from behind the corner of the cabin.

As Krista looked back, she couldnít believe what she saw.

Jason must have read her mind.

Because he had the flare gun.

Locked, cocked and ready to fire.

She staggered backward as Jason took aim and pulled the trigger.

Instantly, a flash of red rocketed across the pitch black campground, illuminating Krista in a flash of magenta as it whizzed by her.

The flare nicked her, however, slightly burning part of her upper arm.

Screaming in pain, Krista immediately clutched her arm, as Jason had another surprise for heró- more ammo.

He stalked closer toward her as he re-loaded the flare gun.

Krista looked up and saw Jasonís moment of weakness, so she ran toward him and kicked the flare gun out of his hand, sending it flying away from them.

Growling, Jason backhanded Krista against a tree, then grabbed her by her hair and started to choke the life out of her.

Grasping for air, Krista was in trouble.

She was running out of options (and air), so she had to think of something fast.

So, at her last resort, she kicked Jason hard in the groin.

Growling louder this time, Jason dropped her to the ground with a thud.

Krista, regaining her air, immediately got up and took off running.

But then, as Jason got to his feet, a loud thud was heard as he was struck in the back of the head with a shovel.

It was Kevin again! He still wasnít dead!

Jason then grabbed Kevin and slammed him hard against the side of the cabin.

Jason repeatedly choked Kevin, grasping his hands around his throat tighter and tighter by the minute.

But then Kevin got a devilish grin on his face.

Because, as Jasonís grip tightened, Kevin pulled out his ace-in-the-hole.

The flare gun.

Then, placing the barrel right against Jasonís chest, Kevin pulled the trigger, and instantly, Jasonís body lit up in the dark night.

The flareís force sent Jason sprawling backward about 30 feet, and his whole mid-section was set ablaze.

Krista heard it and immediately did a 180, turning around and sprinting back to Kevin.

Jasonís entire body shook as the flare continued to torch him.

Kevin then took the flare gun and re-loaded it one final time with the last flare.

He pointed it straight up and fired.

Then, Kevin, seeing Jason in his miserable state, managed to get that devilish grin on his face again before passing out right as Krista got to him.

"Kevin?" Krista asked. "Donít do this to me again! Are you okay?"

There was no response, so she immediately checked for his pulse.

He had one.

She breathed a sigh of relief and looked over at Jasonís body as the flare finally ran its course.

She could barely see him. All she could see was the steam rising off of his charred body.


Meanwhile, back at the Wessex County Police DepartmentÖ

Officer Miller is just getting out of his car, when a flash of red catches his attention.

"What the hell?" Officer Miller mumbles, running inside the station.

"Miller, whatís wrong?" said Sgt. Zito (the one who talked to Krista on the phone).

"I am going to Camp Crystal Lake," Miller said. "Thereís trouble."

"What the hell you talking about, Miller?" Zito asked. "It is probably some gag. We had some kids prank call us earlier saying that Jason was alive."

Instantly, Officer Buechler in the background started to laugh, as he reached into a box of Dunkiní Donuts and pulled out a giant jelly-glazed raspberry donut.

"Yeah, well maybe it isnít a prank," Miller stated, "Because I just saw a flare in the sky over in the direction of Crystal Lake."

"Itís just a prank," Zito replied. "Some kids are probably staying at the camp for a cheap thrill. Now that Jasonís been gone, kids are up there a lot."

"You are full of shit, you know that?" Miller stated, getting in his face, surprising him. "Everyone knows that camp is cursed. And you know just as well as I do that no one has been up there for years."

"So what? Jasonís dead. Thereís no reason to go over there," Zito commented.

"Come on, grow some fuckin' balls for once in your life and come to the camp with me," Miller yelled. "Maybe you are right and it is just a prank, but, maybe I am right, and we could have a real serious problem on our hands."

"Alright," Zito said, finally giving in, but clearly annoyed. "We can go patrol it. But if I am right, you owe me a cold one."

"Deal," Miller agreed, heading out the door.

"Buechler!" Zito yelled.

"Yes, sir?" Buechler asked.

"Get the shotguns," Zito replied. "We are goiní on patrol."

"Woo hoo!" Buechler exclaimed, gulping down the last of his donut and coffee and putting his coat on.

Miller just breathed a sigh of relief as they headed out to the car, hoping he was right.

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