Krista had somehow lost her way and was now totally confused.

She didn't even know where she was anymore. None of the surrounding area looked familiar. All she could see were trees. There was no sign of any cabins, lake, or collapsed house.

"Kevin! Where the hell are you?!" she kept screaming.

The last thing she remembered was calling the police, but she might as well of called a porn hotline. They might have been more help then those damn cops were. Somehow, she must of passed out and Kevin must of carried her into cabin one before he took off to God knows where.

Now as if this night couldn't get any worse, I'm lost in the damn woods...again, she thought to herself.

"Kevin!" she continued to scream, but got no answer.

Then she immediately froze as she heard a rustle in the bushes behind her.

Her body tensed up, as she did an about-face, looking at the bush and praying it wasn't Jason.

Her prayers must have been answered, because just then a rabbit hopped out, shook off the rain, and continued on his way.

Krista breathed a sigh of relief as she turned around and started back the way she was going.

Just then, her luck took a turn for the worse as Scott's dead body suddenly swung down from a tree, his throat slit from ear to ear.

Krista screamed at the top of her lungs, and began to turn around and run the other direction, when she ran directly into Jason Voorhees and fell flat on her back.

"No, you can't be alive," she whimpered out through tears.

Jason just stood still, his shoulders moving up and down, breathing heavily through his mask.

Krista inched her way backward on the ground. Her brain screamed at her to just get up and run, but she was completely frozen with fear.

Jason stepped over her motionless body, and raised his machete high in the air.

"NOOOOO!!!" Kevin screamed, as he came out of nowhere and drove his shoulder into Jason knocking him backward.

Kevin was barely able to stand. He had blood dripping out of his mouth and ears, and he clutched his stomach. Krista could see that his stomach, arms, and legs were also bleeding heavily.

"You son of a bitch! DIE!" Kevin screamed once again, and this time Krista noticed that he was holding the same ax they found stuck in the ground earlier that night with his good arm.

He swung the ax hard at Jason, but missed. Jason kept avoiding the ax, and Kevin kept avoiding Jason's machete as the two men fought fiercely.

Then Kevin and Jason both swung their weapons at the same time, and they both connected with each other. Cold steel pierced both their bodies simultaneously.

Kevin connected with the ax on Jason's head in the exact same part of the mask where there already seemed to be an ax mark, and the ax stuck in Jason's head.

Jason connected with the machete in Kevin's shoulder. The bad arm that was already badly damaged now had a machete stuck in the shoulder blade.

Both men stopped fighting and fell to the ground.

Krista rushed to Kevin's aid and managed to pull the machete free.

Jason lay dead on the ground, with black blood oozing out from behind the mask, as his only good eye shut.

"Kevin, oh my god, are you ok?" she asked, holding his head in her lap.

Kevin could barely talk. His eyes kept rolling back in his head and his body was beginning to feel cold.

"Don't worry about me," Kevin said, choking up a mouthful of blood.

"I just want you to leave, leave me here and get to safety," he continued, pointing at Scott's keys that fell out of his pocket as his body still hung upside down from the tree.

"No, I'm not leaving you," Krista replied as tears flowed from her face. "I love you and we are going to make it out of here together."

"Just go...go," Kevin whispered as his eyes once again rolled back into his head.

"Kevin, no! Wake up! You gotta fight it! We can make it! Please don't die, please!" she said as tears continued to roll down her face.

"I wantneedwithJessicaKristalove youleave," was all Kevin could manage to say as his body went limp and motionless in Krista's arms.

"No!" Krista yelled, and broke down crying holding Kevin tight, not wanting to ever let him go.


Krista kissed Kevin softly on the lips and gently set his head under a pile of leaves.

She then noticed the keys. They were inches from Jason's hand.

Krista hesitated, but knew she had to grab the keys and leave. She thought that maybe if she could get help fast enough that they would be able to save Kevin. The hope was dim, but it was enough to drive her and get her moving.

She slowly inched her way toward Jason's body, and bent down and carefully picked up the keys. She breathed a sigh of relief as she placed the keys into her pocket.

Just then, a powerful hand grabbed her ankle and Krista screamed as Jason's body shot back to life.

She kicked free of his grip and started to run full speed, as Jason stood up and ripped the ax out of his forehead, throwing it directly at Krista.

Krista felt the blade of the ax whiz past her right ear as it plunged into a nearby tree.

Krista kept running, but Jason just stood still, breathing hard once again through his blood stained mask, watching through his one eye as Krista slowly vanished into the darkness.

And back into the darkness of Camp Crystal Lake.

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