"Ahhh!" Krista screamed as she awoke.

Wow, she thought. What a bad dream. I must have fallen asleep.

She then realized that she was in bed, with no clue as to how she got there.

She was even wrapped in a blanket.

Puzzled, Krista then went over to check on Kevin.

She couldnít see him in the dark, so she slowly made her way over to his bed.

She pulled the blanket back and was shocked at what she found.

Or didnít find.

Kevin was gone!

All that was left were two pillows, to make it look like he was there, but in fact, he wasnít.

Well, he couldnít have gotten far, she thought. He was too injured to move. I have to find him.

With that, Krista sprinted out the cabin door and back into the rain, which started up again while she was asleep.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the woods, near the remains of the Voorhees Mansion, there he was.


He managed to sneak out from under Krista and get back to where he last saw Jason.

While he was passed out, he had a dream that Jason was still alive, and that he shot his hand up through the remains of the house and stalked them while they were sleeping in the cabin.

He awoke and found Krista hunched in the corner asleep, so he picked her up and put her in bed and wrapped her in his blanket, figuring she would be secure there while he went out.

He hated to do that to her, but he had to find some answers and to see if his nightmares were indeed true.

Hiding behind a tree in the blinding rain, with his bloody head wrapped in a Boston U bandanna and his arm clutching his sore and probably broken ribs, Kevin limped his way toward the remains.

He could still see some dust rising off of the remains, as well as a big hole in the middle of it.

Which meant one of two things.

Either more of it caved in, or his worst fear had come true.

Jason had escaped his prison, and made his way back to camp--

And a vulnerable Krista.

Iíve got to get back to her, Kevin thought.

Then, just as he started heading back toward camp, he saw a set of footprints in the mud heading the exact same way.

His worst fear had come true.

Jason was heading straight for Krista!

Kevin tried to move as quickly as he could, following the footprints, when he felt an intense pain in the back of his head.

It was Jason!

He knocked Kevin in the back of the head with a shovel.

Staggering backward, all Kevin could see was Jasonís mask, and inside that mask, the evil glaring from Jasonís one good eye.

Then the reality hit him.

What a decoy, Kevin thought. He set those footprints as a trap, and I bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

Somehow, Kevin managed to get to his feet, but Jason swung the shovel like Mark McGwire and connected again, this time on Kevinís injured ribs, and again in his head.

Kevin went flying backward and hit his face off of a tree.

Then, as he hit the ground, Kevin felt something pierce his chest.

And his arms.

And his legs.

All at the same time.

In fact, he felt intense pain all over.

As he looked down, he saw that blood was dripping off of him almost as much as the rain, and he also saw something stuck in his chest.

He screamed as he yanked it out.

Jason slowly made his way toward him, as he found out what it was that pierced him.

A board full of nails.

In fact, there were six boards nailed to each other, and each board was connected by set of rusty old nails.

He pried the first board off of him, and could almost make out what it said:


As he got up and lifted the board, all the other boards came as well.

Each one said something different.

The second one said "sportsmanship."

The third, "integrity."

The fourth, "courage."

The fifth, "self-reliance."

And the sixth, "tolerance."

What the hell do they mean? Kevin thought. It's probably an old slogan of the camp or something.

But Kevin had little time to contemplate their meaning, because Jason grabbed him from behind and threw him into the tree.

Kevinís head hit the tree with a thud and knocked him unconscious.

Jason then pulled out his machete and stood over his lifeless body, when out of the blue, Jason heardÖ

"Kevin? Kevin where are you?"

It was Krista.

Jason immediately turned his attention in the direction of the voice and started to slowly prowl his way toward her.

He would come back for him later.

But right now, he had other business to take care of.

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