Immediately, Kevin darted out the door of cabin two to go help Krista in cabin three.

As he made his way there, however, he tripped and fell over something.

It was so dark and rainy, he had no clue what it was.

But as he turned around, he was able to clearly see through the rain what tripped him.

It was Sean.

Or what was left of him.

Staggering to his feet and ready to throw up, Kevin finally made his way to Krista, who was on the floor crying.

"Krista! We have to get out of here! NOW! Seanís dead, too!" Kevin yelled.

"Oh my god!" was all Krista could muster in a reply.

"Come on, letís go," Kevin demanded, picking her up on her feet and practically dragging her out of the cabin.

Krista didnít want to leave her sister, but she knew that Nikki wouldnít be going anywhere anytime soon, so she went along with Kevin.

But as they were leaving, Kevin recognized something on the cabin floor.

Covered with blood like everything else, there it was.

His Boston U. hockey jacket.

The very same jacket he gave Nikki down at the lake when he saved her from the professorís attack yesterday.

Kevin hurriedly grabbed his jacket and they started to run in the blinding thunderstorm.

It hadnít let up since it began, hours ago.

Making their way toward Scottís SUV, they were determined to get the hell out of there.

The sooner the better.

But as Krista got in the passengerís side, she let out another blood-curdling scream.

Kevin didnít know what it was until he opened the driverís side door.

It was Emmyís body, and it fell out onto him, sending him to the ground.

Kevin struggled, but managed to throw off her cold, lifeless body to the ground with a thud, but not before getting blood all over himself.

Screaming and wiping the blood from his face, Kevin then looked back at Krista, who had an extremely frightened look on her face.

Then he realized that she wasnít frightened at looking at him, but rather, looking past him, at what was behind him.

As Kevin turned around, standing there, ax in hand, was Jason Voorhees.

He had little time to get out of the way, as Jason swung the ax with one mighty blow, striking the side of the SUV and sticking into the side of it.

Kevin started to punch and kick Jason with all his might, but he didnít count on Jasonís mighty backswing with the ax, and the back of the ax caught Kevin in the face with a sickening thud and sent him flying backward about 10 yards.

Then Jason took another swing with the ax, and this time he connected, nailing Kevin in his left arm.

Jason then yanked the ax out of Kevinís arm and moved in for the kill, as Krista, too terrified to move, watched in horror from the SUV.

Then Krista finally came to her senses just as Jason was about to finish Kevin off, and yelled, "NOOOOO!"

Jason immediately spun around and turned his attention to her.

Then she knew she was in trouble.

She looked toward the motionless Kevin for help, hoping he would spring right up and take care of Jason.

He didnít.

So then, figuring it was in her best interest to get the hell out of there, she went for the door latch.

It didnít move!

She tried again.

It still didnít move!

It was stuck!

She struggled with the latch, but it just wouldnít budge, and Jason was getting dangerously close to her.

With the driverís side door still open, Jason just stood there, waiting for Krista to make a move.

The ultimate game of chess had begun.

Then Krista noticed that the glove box was open, and saw a 44 Magnum handgun inside.

She had no idea whose it was or why it was there, but was relieved to grasp the weapon in her hand.

It gave her a false sense of security.

She had no real experience on how to fire this caliber of a gun, but knew the basics, so she figured it couldnít be too hard.

She made sure it was loaded (which it was), cocked it, and pointed it at Jason.

There was just one problem.

Jason was gone!

Then, realizing she had no clue where he went, she started to inch her way toward the door, when, from behind her, Jasonís hand came crashing through the passengerís side window and clasped around her throat.

Screaming and fighting with everything she had, Krista just could not break free.

At her last resort, she pointed the gun directly at Jason, and pulled the trigger.

The shot hit Jason in the chest and sent him sprawling backward out of the SUV, falling to the ground about five yards away, and the kickback launched Krista over to the steering wheel, and she hit her head.

Then, as she felt the back of her head, where blood began to ooze out, she went to try to start the SUV, when she realized that she didnít have the keys.

Who knows where Scott could have put them, she thought, as she climbed out of the driverís side and back out into the pouring rain, grabbing the back of her head.

Running toward Kevin, she grabbed his head and put it in her lap, trying to revive him.

He didnít move.

Then she saw Jason, who went over and grabbed his ax once again, and started to slowly prowl his way toward her.

Frustrated, Krista slapped Kevin hard in the face, hoping it would wake him up.

It didnít.

She laid Kevin back down and pointed the gun at Jason once again, who was right in front of her.

This time, however, Jason knocked the gun out of her hand, sending it to the ground with a thud.

He then swung the ax at her, but she ducked and the ax went flying, putting Jason in an awkward position.

And with one swift kick, Krista was able to even the score a bit, connecting with Jasonís groin.

Growling, Jason slipped on the mud and fell to the ground, giving Krista time to get back to Kevin.

Sliding around in the mud, Krista was able to get back to him, but he still wouldnít budge. Hell, he might be dead for all she knew, but she had to take the chance.

Again slapping him in the face, Krista was now dependent upon Kevin getting up to save her.

He didnít.

As she saw Jason get back to his feet, she had no choice but to leave Kevin lying there.

Kissing Kevin for what she hoped would not be the last time, she started to run for her life.

But where would she go?

She only knew one path leading away from the camp, and that was to Crystal Point.

So, with Jason in hot pursuit, Krista used her high school track skills (the ones she used before Nikki got her into modeling), and took off for the path that she thought led to Crystal Point.

The only problem was that she was on the wrong path.

The path to Crystal Point was on the opposite side of the cabins.

She didn't know it, but the path she chose is going to lead her directly to hell--

The path she chose leads straight to the Voorhees Mansion.

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