"AHHHH! OH GOD!" Scott screamed, falling on the floor next to the bed.

Then Jason, pulling the stake out of Ashley, started to make his way toward the staggering Scott.

Scott managed to buckle his pants and sprint out the door, but Jason, unfazed by Scott's departure, launched the stake into the air, and it went through the wall and out the other side, narrowly missing Scott's head.

Scott then tripped and fell down the steps as Jason got ever so closer.

Slowly, Jason made his way down the steps, one at a time.

Scott continued to stagger around, trying to get up.

When he did, he noticed that there was fresh blood on him.

As he felt the back of his head, he realized where it came from.

The blood was his own.

He must have hit his head on something when he fell down the steps.

Finally getting to his feet, Scott tried to escape, but it was too late.

Jason was right next to him.

He grabbed Scott by the head and launched him through the front door, out onto the porch.

Crashing through the brittle door, Scott moaned in pain as Jason grabbed him again and threw him off the porch to the ground below, causing Scott to partially sink in the mud.

It was only then that he realized it was raining.


He couldn't see his hand in front of his face, let alone see Jason behind him.

So, Scott followed his gut instinct, pulled himself to his feet, and took off running into the woods.

Jason stayed right on his tail.


"Damn! We almost made it!" Kevin yelled, as he and Krista arrived in cabin five coming out of the rain.

"Yeah, I know," Krista added. "Five more minutes and we would have been home free."

"Oh well," Kevin replied. "At least we're safe."

"Yeah," Krista commented as a loud clasp of thunder roared in the dark night sky, followed by a bright flash of lightning.

"Wow, that lightning sure is getting close," Kevin said.

"Yeah, it's almost like it is aiming at us or something," Krista responded.

"I am gonna dry off, change clothes, and wait till the rain breaks, then go look for the others," Kevin stated, taking off his shirt.

Krista's response was delayed, because she was checking out his chest and abs.

"Krista?" Kevin asked.

"What?" Krista replied, finally coming to her senses with a smile.

"Does that sound like a good idea?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah," Krista responded, not even hearing what he said to begin with.

"All of my clothes are in my cabin," Krista said. "And I am not going out there to get them. Not now."

"That's ok," Kevin replied. "You can borrow mine."

"Thanks," Krista answered back.

Kevin went over to his suitcase and pulled out a Boston U. athletic wear jumpsuit and gave it to Krista, who was brushing her hair.

Kevin then brought out his Boston U. hockey jersey and showed it to her.

"Wow," Krista said, amazed. "Is that yours?"

"Yep," Kevin replied, flipping it over to reveal "Staley 35" on the back. "I'm going back."

"You are?" Krista responded, shocked.

"Yeah, I decided to transfer back to BU next semester," Kevin said. "I feel I can still contribute to the team for the rest of the season and maybe, with my help, we can make nationals."

"I thought your scholarship was canceled?" Krista asked.

"Canceled? No. Held off, yes," Kevin replied. "Coach knew about my situation and let me go, and told me to come back when things got better. Well, thanks to you, it has."

"But what about Newkirk? What about playing on the team with Scott and Sean?" Krista questioned.

"Actually, I'd like them to come with me," Kevin replied. "If their grades are good enough, I can pull a few strings and get them in."

"That's so cool," Krista said, hugging Kevin. "I am so happy."

"Me too," Kevin replied, putting on his Nike Hockey t-shirt and sweats.

"Ahhhh!" Kevin screamed, falling down to one knee.

"What?" Krista asked, rushing to his side.

"I just got a sharp pain in my knee, it's from the wreck," Kevin responded. "I knew it would catch up to me sooner or later."

"I thought you said you were ok?" Krista asked.

"I lied," Kevin replied, "I didn't want to ruin the trip for everyone else, so I didn't say anything."

"That was stupid," Krista stated.

"Yeah, I know," Kevin responded, "But actually I was feeling fine up until a few seconds ago."

"Here, let me wrap it in some ice for you," Krista said, opening the first-aid kit. "Good thing we left the first-aid kits in here."

"Yeah," Kevin said with a smile. "Now, if this rain would just stop, we could go find the others," Kevin commented.

"Yeah," Krista added, "It's a jungle out there."


Meanwhile, Scott, breathing heavy, decided to just stop running.

He had no clue where he was at, the rain was picking up, he was out of breath, and his head hurt like hell.

With the rain pouring down in his face in buckets, Jason could be right behind him for all he knew.

Then the reality hit Scott: That was the man in black he saw earlier.

He then started to feel guilty about not telling everyone else about it, so he decided to find his way back to camp before Jason did, so he could warn the others.

But just as he turned around, he came face-to-face with Jason, who had a machete raised high above his head.

Scott, who was blinded by the rain, only caught a small glimpse of Jason, but was able to dive out of the way before the machete struck.

Jason, who got the machete stuck in the mud in the process, started to growl as he struggled to get the machete out of the ground.

Then Scott attacked.

Hammering Jason with lefts and rights, Scott was on fire.

To Scott, this was just another hockey fight.

Fights he used to easily win.

But for some reason, he wasn't winning this one.

Normally, when Scott hit someone with the left-right barrage, they immediately fell to the ice.

But there was no ice here, and Jason was just standing there staring at him like nothing happened.

Seeing that his punches weren't working, Scott grabbed a huge branch and broke it over Jason's back, sending Jason crashing to the ground.

It didn't last long, however.

Jason got right back up and went over to Scott, who was trying to pull the machete out of the ground.

It wouldn't budge.

Jason threw Scott into a large oak tree with such force, that he nearly knocked the whole tree over.

Then Scott, grabbing his back in pain, came back at Jason with some more lefts and rights.

It still had no effect.

Jason then managed to get his machete back, and he slowly made his way toward Scott.

Scott, however, didn't let down, as he kicked the machete out of his hand and started to fight back.

The only problem was, his shots were getting weaker.

So weak, that Jason literally didn't budge on any of them, and just stared at Scott, as if to say, "Is that all you got?"

The shots were rapidly getting weaker.

When Scott fell down after his last punch, Jason grabbed the machete and moved in for the kill.

Grabbing Scott with one hand and throwing him against the tree, he started choking him and raising him high off the ground.

Scott's yells were drowned out, not only by the thunder and lightning, but also by Jason's hand, which was wrapped tightly around his throat.

With Scott struggling to get free, Jason reached down with his other hand and grabbed his machete.

With Scott putting up all the resistance he could, it still wasn't good enough.

Jason stuck the machete in his groin and up the whole way into his body and pulled it out.

Scott's limp body just fell to the ground.

Surprisingly, Scott, barely alive, managed to get to his knees.

Jason saw it and immediately turned around.

Scott had never lost a fight before.

Not in his whole hockey career.

However, this was one fight he was going to lose.

And he wouldn't be getting five and a game for this one; he'd be getting six.

Six feet under.

Jason lifted Scott's head up and slit his throat from ear to ear.

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