Sean arrives at the airport really late, and he runs inside, practically thrusting open the automatic double doors. He turns and runs down to Gate E, where Kevin was supposed to have been landing.

He looked around and nothing.

"Shit," he thought. "I fucked up."

So, he goes over to the attendant at the desk and very impatiently asks if Flight 497 from Boston had come in yet.

The attendant looked up at him angrily and said, "The flight's being delayed. Take a seat."

That was all he needed to hear. Now it really looked like he was on time. Damn, it was working out ok.

Sitting down at the waiting area, Sean picks up a current issue of Sports Illustrated and starts to read it. Just then, he hears over the intercom, "Flight 497 from Boston is currently arriving."

Standing up, Sean walks over toward the runway. He sees a bunch of people get off, and none of them even remotely resemble Kevin. But then he saw him. Nobody else could be that glum looking. Stumbling out into the terminal was Kevin Staley.

"Hey, Kev, remember me, I am Sean, Scott's best friend," Sean said.

But Kevin did not reply.

He just looked up at him with a cold stare.

The sheer look says it all. He had the "something traumatic had happened to me in the past" look.

All Kevin could say was "Hi."

"Scott sent me here to pick you up," Sean said, trying to make conversation.

"Oh," was all Kevin could muster in a reply.

It was a rather boring walk from the terminal to Sean's jeep. The conversation consisted of Sean trying to make conversation and Kevin not muttering a word.

Sean helped Kevin load his stuff into the back of the jeep and then they got in and started to head off down the road.

"So, has Newkirk changed since you were here last?" Sean asked, trying to make conversation.

"It's fine," was Kevin's mellow reply.

"The weather is a little nippy today, huh?" Sean asked, again trying to make conversation.

"Yeah," was Kevin's just-as-mellow reply.

Back at Emmy and Ashley's room, there was a knock at the door. Without waiting for an answer, Scott walks right in.

"Everyone ready to go?" Scott asked.

"Is that all you can say?" Ashley angrily replied.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked, puzzled.

"Not even a hello, how are you?" Ashley informed him.

"Oh, sorry, I am just so excited about this trip, that's all," Scott stated.

He's probably excited about Nikki and Krista, Ashley thought.

"Well, we are all ready to go," Emmy chimed in. "But Sean and Kevin aren't here yet."

"Oh, knowing Sean, he probably took him to Hooters or something," Scott said, laughing.

Ashley laughed, wiping that scowl off of her face.

"Yeah right, just what poor Kevin needs," she said.

They took their stuff and went outside to Scott's SUV, where Nikki and Krista were waiting.

"Hey Nikki," Emmy said to her best friend.

"Hey," Nikki replied.

"We really need this break," Emmy said. "Classes are really starting to get to me."

"Yeah, I know," Nikki replied, "It is almost the same at our college."

"You don't go to college," Ashley angrily steamed in. "You go to beauty queen school."

Oh no, that was it. The gasoline was poured, and now Ashley threw the match onto the fire. There was going to be trouble.

"It's still college," Nikki piped back.

"No it's not," Ashley annoyingly said, "You don't study. All you do is sit around and try to figure out new ways to put makeup on."

"Hey, settle down," Scott said, trying to get between them. "We aren't going on this trip to fight. We are going on this trip to relax and get away from civilization.

That seemed to cool off the heat between the two. The truth is, there has always been a sentiment of hate between Ashley and Nikki, ever since Nikki started hitting on Scott.

"Whatever," Nikki replied, going over and talking to Emmy.

Ashley is so protective of Scott, yet he doesn't really care. He just simply loves the attention.

It's funny how different Nikki and Krista are. Although they are twins, you wouldn't know it by judging their personality. Nikki is more outgoing and loves to show off her body, but Krista is more conservative and only did the Playboy spread for the money. In fact, if you didn't know them, you wouldn't be able to tell that they are total opposites.

With everything loaded, they all went back inside, waiting for Sean and Kevin to arrive to make the ride arrangements.

"Guess who all's gonna be there?" Sean told Kevin, still trying to make conversation.

Kevin actually looked at him this time, but didn't say anything.

"Well, aside from you, me and Scott, there is gonna be Emmy and Ashley, you remember them," Scott said, "And Nikki and Krista, who go to the cosmetology school."

Kevin still didn't say anything.

Then Sean turned on the radio, and Metallica's "No Leaf Clover" started blaring through the speakers. Sean turned the volume down, but then Kevin reached over and turned it way up.

"You like them?" Sean asked.

"Yeah, I do," Kevin said, glum as ever.

They then pulled into the parking lot five minutes later.

"End of the line, sport," Sean told Kevin. "Gotta go round everyone else up."

With that, they walked toward Cunningham Hall, where Emmy and Ashley's room was, and entered the building.

"Room 327, Kev," Sean told Kevin as they climbed the stairs to the third floor.

Kevin remained silent.

As they approached the door, Sean still tried to get Kevin to talk.

"Hey man, these chicks are hot!" Sean told him. "I am sure you could score with one or more of them, except for Emmy of course."

Kevin said nothing and went ahead and knocked on the door.

Krista answered.

As soon as Kevin saw her, he took a step back, shocked. He thought he was looking at his beloved Jessica. Jessica alive? How can that be?

Krista, equally shocked, screamed.

"Wo, wo, relax, Krista, it's just my cousin Kevin," Scott told her, "Hey Kev."

"Hey," Kevin replied.

"Kevin, this is Krista, Krista, Kevin," Scott said, introducing them.

"You already met Sean, and you know Emmy and Ashley. And Nikki's down the hall. She'll be right back," Scott said, concluding the introductions.

Still, all Kevin said was "Hi."

Sean came in moments later, followed by Nikki.

"Hey, Nikki, this is Kevin, Scott's cousin," Sean told her.

"Hi," Nikki said, in an instantly flirtatious voice.

"Hi," was Kevin's repeatedly glum reply.

"Well, we got time, we can go get a bite to eat before we go, or we can wait till we get there and kill our food," Scott suggested.

"Yeah, yeah, kill, kill," Sean replied.

Sean had always had a longing for outdoor adventure. He always talked about having to survive in the wilderness all alone with no weapons and having to kill his food with his bare hands.

"You would love that, wouldn't you?" Emmy asked.

"Damn right. That's why you love me, my sense of adventure," Sean replied, sweeping her off of her feet and kissing her.

Meanwhile, in the corner sat Kevin, with a wicked, cold look on his face. He didn't know it, but sitting across the room looking straight at him was Krista.

She hadn't taken her eyes off of him since she opened the door.

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