"Oh my god, Scott!" Ashley screamed, rushing to her boyfriend's aid.

Ashley shook Scott trying to revive him, but Scott still lay motionless.

Frightened, Ashley started to cry as she checked his neck for a pulse.

Just then Scott jumped up, grabbed her and pulled her down on top of him.

Ashley started to say something, but her sentence was cut short by Scott, as he made out with her passionately.

Ashley was hesitant at first, but then gave in to the kiss as the two lay on the floor of the Voorhees Mansion making out.

That's the one thing Ashley was always a sucker for, Scott's charm.

No matter how mad she ever got at him, she always managed to end up melting in his arms again.

The kiss lasted long, and when it finally ended, Ashley just laid there, staring into Scott's eyes smiling.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again Scott, I mean it," Ashley said and playfully punched him in the shoulder.

"You know you liked it," Scott responded, smiling back.

"No one said I didn't," Ashley replied, "But I am still upset about the whole Nikki thing."

"Look, I told you I am sorry," Scott stated. "I am human. I make mistakes. But this time was different than all the other times. This time I really did feel sorry. I should have never done it. I am very sorry."

"Awww," Ashley replied as she leaned down and gave him another kiss.

"Besides, Nikki means nothing to me. She just threw herself at me and I couldn't escape," Scott replied.

"Promise?" Ashley asked.

"Promise," Scott replied. "You are the only one I care about. It will never happen again. Besides, none of them are as good as you anyway."

Ashley said nothing, just threw herself at Scott, and they started making out again.

This time, Scott got into it more as his hands started to roam on her body, eventually sliding down her pants. Ashley eventually started to get into it more, but she came to her senses when she heard a rattling sound.

"Did you hear that?" Ashley whispered, cutting off the kiss.

"What?" Scott asked with a groan.

"That noise, listen," Ashley replied.

They were both silent, listening for any stir.

All they heard was a cricket outside.

"I didn't hear anything," Scott said impatiently, as he leaned up and tried to kiss her again.

"No, I know I heard something," Ashley persisted as she stood up. "Scott, I'm scared."

Scott just let out a groan, but stood up as well.

"Come on, the noise came from upstairs I think," Ashley said as she grabbed Scott's hand and started to walk toward the stairs.

The house was already starting to become extremely dark as the evening approached outside, but the upstairs of the mansion looked like a black hole compared to the downstairs.

"Um, don't you think it's too dark to be going up there?" Scott asked.

Ashley didn't reply.

She just pulled a lighter out of her back pocket and lit it as she started to walk upstairs.

"Great, that's just great," Scott muttered under his breath, following Ashley upstairs.

The upstairs floor was dark and dusty, with two doors to their right and two doors to their left with another hallway at the end.

As soon as the reached the top of the stairs, they heard the same rattling noise, only this time Scott heard it as well.

"Oh shit, what was that?" Scott asked.

"That's what I heard before," Ashley replied.

"I think it's coming from that room," she continued, pointing to the first door on the left.

Scott and Ashley proceeded to the door they thought the noise was coming from, and Scott slowly pushed the door open with a loud creak.

"Ahhhh!" Scott yelled, quickly jumping after seeing the room. "There's someone else in here."

"Be quiet stupid," Ashley replied. It's just a mirror."

"You got scared of your own image. I don't blame you either, you are pretty damn scary," Ashley joked.

"Shut up, I knew that," Scott replied, trying to play it off. "And it wasn't my image that scared me. It was yours that really got me."

His joke was cut off by the same rattling noise, only it was much louder and much closer.

"It's coming from inside that closet," Ashley whispered, pointing at the closet.

"What if it's that guy Jason?" Scott asked, trying to scare Ashley.

"Shut up, we all know he's not real," Ashley replied, punching Scott hard in the shoulder.

Ashley and Scott then cautiously walked toward the closet and Ashley slowly opened the door.

As soon as Ashley opened the door, they both jumped back and screamed as a raccoon came barreling out of the closet and out of the room.

Scott just started to laugh as he leaned over trying to catch his breath, holding his chest. Ashley still stood completely still, scared stiff.

"Are you okay?" Scott asked, placing his hand on Ashley's shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine, that just scared the shit out of me," Ashley said, started to relax.

"You and me both," Scott replied.

The room was dark, but it wasn't as dark as the hallway and Scott managed to find an old-fashioned lantern sitting on a nightstand.

"Hey, look what I found," Scott said.

"What?" Ashley asked.

"It's a lantern. I wonder if it still works?" Scott said, starting to play with it.

"Try it out," Ashley suggested, anxious to see if it would work.

"Eureka!" Scott exclaimed as the lantern lit up the entire room.

The room was some sort of a bedroom, with a single bed and a couple of dusty dressers. It also had four different mirrors, one in each corner.

"Seems kind of spooky, don't you think?" Ashley asked, observing the room.

"Seems kind of cozy I think," Scott said, winking at her.

"Seems kind of dirty I think," Ashley replied, mocking their conversation as she noticed the bed.

"Well, maybe I like it dirty," Scott responded in a sexy voice as he wrapped his arms around her and peered into her eyes.

"Well, maybe I don't," Ashley replied, again mocking their conversation.

Scott said nothing.

He just leaned in toward Ashley and they picked up where they left off downstairs.

Kissing each other passionately, Scott pushed Ashley down onto the bed and got on top of her, causing a giant cloud of dust to rise from the bed.

They stopped kissing for a while until the dust settled, and then Ashley whispered this into Scott's ear: "You are so damn lucky I am horny right now."

Scott sat up and took off his shirt, and Ashley did the same.

Scott then proceeded to take off her pants as Ashley took off her bra, exposing her two large round breasts.

They continued to make out as Scott's hand wandered around her breasts, and Ashley started to unbuckle his pants.

Scott then started to kiss her on her neck as he slowly worked his way down to her breasts, causing Ashley to moan loudly. The moan was so loud that neither one of them could hear the footsteps approaching.

Heel to toe, heel to toe, the footsteps got closer.

As Scott continued to pleasure Ashley, Jason appeared in the doorway, holding a long steel spike.

Neither one noticed him, because Ashley rolled her head back and closed her eyes as Scott continued to pleasure her.

With Ashley moaning even louder, Scott sat up and started to take off his pants.

However, as he sat up, he noticed for the first time in the mirror the figure of Jason Voorhees, with the steel spike raised high over his head ready to strike.

"Oh shit!" was all Scott managed to say as he rolled out of the way just as Jason brought down the stake.

Scott lay on the floor and watched in horror as the stake plunged through Ashley's stomach and straight through the bed to the floor.

A geyser of blood then shot up, getting all over Scott and painting the room red.

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