"Where the hell are we? This sure as hell doesn't look like camp," Scott said, frustrated.

Ashley and Scott were walking for nearly 15 minutes through nothing but thick woods until now, when they reached a clearing in the woods that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Then all of a sudden, they saw it.

In all its eerie glamour.

The Voorhees Mansion.

"Wow is that some kind of house or something?" Ashley asked, staring at the enormous, run-down building.

"Yeah, it looks like it," Scott replied, "But I thought no one lived near here for miles."

Then Scott remembered back to when he saw that man in black. Maybe this is his house, Scott thought to himself. One thing's for sure, I sure don't want to tell Ashley about it. She will think I am crazy or something.

"So, do you want to go check it out or what?" Ashley suggested, seemingly very excited.

"What, are you crazy? I'm not going near that house," Scott responded, mostly because he knew that if it was the man in black's house, he sure as hell didn't want to meet him.

"Well, well, well what do we have here? Is mister macho man himself Scott Anderson afraid of a little house?" Ashley asked, trying to persuade Scott to go.

"Me, afraid? Ha ha ha! No way!" Scott replied in a manly voice. "And just to prove it to you, we are going to break in."

"You mean actually like go inside?" Ashley asked, now acting like the one who was scared.

"Yeah, let's go, we are wasting time and it's going to be getting dark out real soon," Scott said, grabbing Ashley's hand and pulling her with him as the two got closer to the house.

"I don't think anyone lives here by the looks of it," Scott said, peering through a window.

The house was completely dark inside, and the wood on the outside was starting to rot.

"So, should we try the window or the door?" Ashley asked.

"Let's go for the door. This window is real glass and it doesn't look like it is going to budge," Scott said, tapping on the window.

The couple walked up to the front door and surprisingly discovered that it was unlocked.

"Wow, creepy," Ashley said, as she slowly opened the door. "Why would someone leave this place unlocked?"

As the door opened, it made a slow, long creaking sound, as if it were about to fall off of its hinges.

"Oh well, it's better for us," Scott said with a whisper as the two peered inside the house looking for some sort of movement.

There was none.

"It looks like the coast is clear," Ashley whispered. "You go first."

Scott quietly took a step inside, and then another step, which echoed in the empty hull of the large house. As he progressed, he started to feel less nervous about being there.

"Hello?!" Scott yelled.

The only answer he got was his own echo.

"This place is huge," Ashley said, stepping up beside him.

"Yeah I know, this would be a great party place," Scott replied. "The others would love it."

"Yeah, it would be, it's a hell of a lot better then those damn cabins," Ashley responded. "We should go back and get the others and have them check it out."

Scott didn't answer.

Instead, he walked into another room.

"Scott, did you hear me?" Ashley asked. "I want to go back and get the rest of the group."

Scott still didn't answer.

So Ashley went to the next room to try to find him, and she did, but he was passed out on the floor.


"Sean, do you want to come or not?" Emmy pleaded.

Emmy had been trying to get Sean to go with her to meet Kevin and Krista at Crystal Point all afternoon. Sean, however, had other ideas. Ever since the incident with Nikki, he had just been dying to get Emmy to have sex with him. Nikki just turned him on so much that he needed it. Emmy just wasn't cooperating.

She's been bitching that they never do anything together as a couple besides have sex and she wanted to go on some stupid 15-mile hike to find some cave that they don't even know exists.

"Hell no, I don't want to go," Sean said. "I'm tired and I want to take a nap, so I can be up all night partying."

"Well, I'm bored and I want to go spend some time with Krista and if we go it will kill some time until tonight," Emmy suggested, still begging Sean to go.

"I got a good idea of what to do to kill some time," Sean said, reaching up and pulling Emmy down on top of him.

"Stop it!" Emmy yelled as she got off of him. "Oh my god, is that all you ever want!"

Sean didn't reply.

He just pulled a pillow on top of his head and moaned in anger.

"This is your last chance or I'm leaving without you," Emmy warned.

"Bye," Sean rudely replied.

Emmy just stomped her foot and turned around, stormed out of the cabin, and slammed the door shut hard behind her.

Sean just laughed to himself as he stared up at the wooden roof of the cabin. He wondered, what if all those legends of Jason Voorhees were true? Then there must have been a lot of bloodshed in this cabin. If only these walls could talk, he continued to think to himself. What wicked stories they could tell.

Then his thoughts drifted to Nikki, and the kiss they shared earlier that day.

Damn, I hope she isn't mad at me, Sean thought to himself. That kiss was better then any kiss that he and Emmy ever had together, and his body needed more.

Way more.

Then he got an idea.

Emmy had just left to go on some long ass hike with Kevin and Krista and probably wouldn't be back until late. Scott and Ashley are somewhere around here, and if I know Scott, then he probably already has Ashley naked by now.

So that leaves just leaves Nikki and I here alone for at least two hours. That's more than enough time for him to have his way with her.

Sean quickly jumped out of bed, ran his fingers through his hair, sprayed on some Tommy Hilfiger cologne, and went to search for Nikki.

I wonder where she went, Sean thought. I haven't seen or heard from her since the fight.

So Sean decided to go check her cabin. Maybe she was there.

"Nikki?" Sean asked as he knocked and slowly opened the door.

"Damn, this door is heavy," Sean said, peering into the cabin.

There was no trace of Nikki, although it appeared that she was recently in the cabin. Her bed sheets on the were messed up and the nightstand next to the bed was knocked over.

"Maybe she went back to the lake," Sean said, turning around to leave.

But as he turned around, he suddenly saw what was left of Nikki. Her beautiful body was pinned to the back of door, with a knife shoved right through her head.

Sean almost threw up at the sight of her body.

Then the horror hit him.

Someone had done this recently.

So Sean bolted out of the door screaming at the top of his lungs for his friends.

"Emmy! Scott! Kevin! Oh my god she's dead! Is anyone here?"

Then out of nowhere it felt like Sean got hit by a truck, as the fist of Jason Voorhees knocked him to the ground.

Sean looked up, and, standing over him was Jason, holding an ax, ready to strike.

As Jason brought the ax down, Sean barely moved out of the way, and the ax came only inches from his face. As Jason struggled to get the ax back out of the ground, Sean got to his feet and tackled Jason to the ground.

Sean and Jason wrestled ferociously on the ground and Sean seemed to get the upper hand for a while, delivering hard blows to Jason's mask.

Sean cocked his fist way back for another hit, but Jason caught it and snapped his entire hand off.

Sean screamed in pain as blood squirted out of his arm.

Then Jason delivered the deadly blow, ripping his heart right out of his chest.

Jason's hand went straight through his back.

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