"God, it's toasting out here," Scott said, trying to get Ashley to talk to him.

But Ashley would not.

She forgave Scott when he cheated on her in the past. She was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for Melody Jones two years ago -and Cammie Walker was a drunken accident last year- but Nikki Goldwater? Her heart couldn't handle any more.

It obviously couldn't work between them.

He had to go.

"Come on Ashley, talk to me here," Scott pleaded.

"Talk about what? You did it to me again!" Ashley screamed.

"It wasn't my fault, I swear!" Scott stated.

"It's never your fault, is it Scott?" Ashley commented, "But somehow, your dick always winds up going in, doesn't it?"

"I should have seen it coming, Nikki seduced me, the little ho," Scott said.

"Don't give me that bullshit, Scott, you've been eyeing her up ever since we left Newkirk," Ashley charged.

"She's a model-you are supposed to look at models, I can't help it, I'm a guy," Scott said.

"Nowhere does it say you HAVE to look at them," Ashley piped back.

"Ashley, look," Scott said, stopping her in the late afternoon sun. "I'm sorry. I truly am. Ever since we've been together, you have given me a whole new outlook on life. All you ever did was love me, and I was too blind to see it."

Just then Ashley's expression changed from angry to sad.

"I love you Ashley," Scott said. "I really mean it. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?"

"Oh, Scott," Ashley said, throwing her arms around him and starting to cry.

"This is it," Ashley replied. "Normally, it's three strikes and you're out, but in your case, it was a foul ball, still strike two."

"Thank you baby. You won't regret it," Scott exclaimed. "Come on, let's get back before it gets dark."

"Okay," Ashley said, grabbing his hand.


"Wow, it sure is dark in here," Krista stated, as her and Kevin hit Crystal Hill to explore the mammoth cave.

"Yeah, check this out," Kevin replied, shining the light on the rocks on the side. "This is so cool."

"Yeah, wait, did you hear something?" Krista asked.

"Hear what?" Kevin questioned.

In the background, they could hear running water, but did not know where it came from. They also heard a mysterious screeching noise coming from the end of this long, narrow tunnel.

"It's coming from down there," Kevin stated.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!" Krista demanded.

So Kevin started to head down the small, musty-smelling corridor that led to the source of the sound, with Krista holding his hand so they wouldn't get separated.

"It smells in here," Kevin commented.

"Yeah, it smells like death in here," Krista replied.

If they only knew the cave's horrid past.

Then they would understand.

As they approached the end of the corridor, the path kept getting narrower by the second. Both Kevin and Krista were questioning whether to go on.

Then they came to a dead end.

"Dammit!" Kevin yelled, with his voice echoing in the annals of the cave.

"Now what?" Krista asked.

"We go back and look for another passage," Kevin replied.

So they turned around and started to head back in the direction they came in, but then they hit another dead end.

Which was odd.

Because they backtracked exactly the way they entered.

"Shit!" Kevin yelled.

"Oh great, now we're lost," Krista said.

"No we aren't," Kevin replied. "I see a light. Come on!"

So Kevin and Krista took off for the path of the light they saw, hoping they weren't lost.


Meanwhile, back at camp, Emmy and Sean were in Emmy's cabin talking about Nikki, after Emmy had time to cool down.

"I knew it Sean, I knew it!" Emmy yelled, still steamed. "I knew that bitch would try to get you. She has to have every guy in the world. Why does she have to do this? If she wants every guy that bad, she should go make porn movies, not steal other girls' men!"

"I don't know," Sean answered, "She threw herself at me, I couldn't get her off of me."

"I know Sean, I know, it's not your fault," Emmy replied.

What Sean neglected to tell her is that he enjoyed every minute of that kiss with Nikki.

In fact, he had visions of sneaking over to Nikki's cabin whenever Emmy fell asleep for a little one-on-one action. Maybe he could score big like Scott did.

"I swear to god I will kill that bitch next time if I catch her anywhere near you," Emmy proclaimed, lying down on her bed.

"It's ok," Sean said, rubbing her shoulders, "Calm down. Everything will be ok."

"Yeah, it will, whenever that slut is out of our lives forever," Emmy replied, trying to relax.

Neither of them knew it, but standing right outside their cabin, peering in through the back window, was the hockey-masked menace himself, Jason Voorhees.

He was carrying an ax.

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