"What the hell is this?" Sean asked, rolling over and waking up with the sun blinding him in his face.

"Good morning, dude, is this bothering you?" Kevin asked, referring to his CD boombox, which was playing Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way" very loudly.

"What time is it?" Sean asked.

"About 10," Kevin replied.

"Yeah, that's alright, I need to be up anyway," Sean said. "I think I slept a little too much last night. How you feeling?"

"I feel pretty good, just a little sore and shaken up. You?" Kevin replied, referring to the accident the night before.

"My leg hurts like a bitch, but I am about the same as you," Sean replied. "Is Krista ok?"

"I don't know," Kevin responded, "I haven't seen her since last night. I wonder where she is?"

Little did they know, Krista just passed by their cabin, hiking down the trail toward cabin three, ready to start her day.

She hopped up the steps and opened the door, unaware of what she was about to see.

As she opened the door, lying there on the bed naked were Scott and Nikki, still passed out from their activities the night before.

Krista's eyes widened as she couldn't believe her sister had done it again.

"What the hell is this?" Krista yelled, waking both Scott and Nikki.

Instantly, Nikki sprang up from on top of Scott and ran to put her clothes back on, but it was too late, the cat was out of the bag.

"Scott, how could you do this to Ashley?" Krista yelled. "She loves you!"

"It's not what it looks like," Scott sprang back defensively. "It was raining and we had to take off our wet clothes."

Despite what he said, he knew that was the lamest excuse he could have ever came up with. Krista had been through it a hundred times before. She knew what was going on. Rack up another one for Nikki. Two more lives ruined.

"Look, I just want to get my things and go shower, I'll leave you alone to think about what you just did," Krista continued. "Well, Nikki, I know you don't care, but Scott, you should be ashamed of yourself. Wait till Ashley finds out, she is gonna fuckin flip!"

"You aren't gonna tell her are you?!!" Scott said, pleading with Krista.

"No, I won't," Krista replied. "YOU are!"

"I am?" Scott said.

"Yeah, you are," Nikki chimed in. "You are gonna tell her that it's over and that you are with me."

"I can't take this anymore. I'm goin to shower. You two figure it out." Krista ended, heading out the door.

"Why should I go out with you?" Scott asked, "I still love Ashley."

"Well, we did it, didn't we, the best ever, right?" Nikki replied.

"Yeah, but you conned me into it," Scott said. "You know how vulnerable I am when it comes to sex."

"I admit nothing without my lawyer," Nikki smartly replied. "All I know is that you are the best I've ever had and you better decide between me and Ashley before we leave the camp."

With that, Nikki also left the cabin to take a shower, leaving Scott with many things to think about.


"21! I win!" Emmy exclaimed, jumping high in the air after defeating Ashley in Blackjack.

"Oh, well, you got lucky, I only whipped your ass how many games already?" Ashley replied.

"You don't understand, I am no good at card games, so anytime I win, it's a big deal," Emmy said, happy to finally win one.

Ashley had won at least 25 straight games, ever since they awoke, so naturally, Emmy was gonna win one sooner or later. Emmy only won 21-20 anyhow, so it wasn't that big of a deal to Ashley, but it sure was to Emmy.

"Can we quit now?" Emmy asked. "I am tired of this game and I want to go get a shower."

"Sure, quit after you win, huh?" Ashley joked. "I see how it is."

"We can play later," Emmy said. "I am feeling lucky today."

"That's a surprise," Ashley replied.

"Why?" Emmy questioned.

"Only you would feel lucky on Friday the 13th," Ashley stated.

"Oh yeah, that's right, it is Friday the 13th, isn't it?" Emmy commented.

"All day long," said a familiar voice entering the cabin.

It was Scott.

"Good morning hunny," Ashley said, kissing him hard on the lips.

Scott was rather apprehensive when it came to that kiss. In fact, he probably didn't want to kiss her at all.

Ashley noticed it right away.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked,

"Nothing," Scott replied. "I just feel a little tired."

The truth was, Scott was tired. After the entire night with Nikki, he was utterly exhausted.

"Oh, ok, well, we were just about to head down to the showers, would you mind hanging out here for a while?" Ashley asked.

"Sure," Scott said. "I need some more sleep anyhow."

So Emmy and Ashley hiked down the trail to join the others in the shower cabin, while Scott took a seat and fell fast asleep on the chair.

Meanwhile, down in the shower cabin, Krista and Nikki were discussing just what happened the night before when Krista walked in on her and Scott.

Krista, in the third shower stall, started the conversation.

"So, Nikki, what exactly did you do last night?"

"Oh Krista, it was so incredible," Nikki replied. "Scott is so damn good."

"You didn't do what I think you did, did you?" Krista asked, just as Emmy and Ashley walked into the shower cabin.

"We sure did- all night!" Nikki exclaimed, happy about her latest triumph. "I seduced him, he fell for it, and now he's mine!"

That was all Ashley needed to hear. She knew exactly what was going on.

She took off out the door crying, with Emmy close behind.

"Did you hear something?" Nikki asked.

"I think it was the wind, it's picked up today," Krista replied.

"Anyhow, how could you do that to Ashley? She is such a sweet girl and deserves a great guy," Krista stated.

"I don't give a shit about her," Nikki replied. "Scott is just so hot, I have to have him."

"You disgust me, you know that?" Krista said, wrapping herself in a towel and leaving the shower.

"What did I do?" Nikki devilishly asked, although she already knew what she did.

The damage was done and sparks were ready to fly.

As Krista hiked back up the trail, standing nearby is the mysterious Jason Voorhees, watching her every move from behind a bush.

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