The following is quoted from 'Jason X #3: Planet Of The Beast', cited from Chapter 1:

"Lawrence rested his hand on his shoulder and felt wetness through the cut in the glove. He looked behind him. The tree was gone. When he turned back, it stood before him, hulking, stalking. He opened his mouth to scream and a branch sliced out, a metal branch like a hockey stick, the blade of which glinted moonlight. It moved so fast he couldn't see where it struck, couldn't feel a thing. A referee in his head yelled, "Body check! Illegal!" He blinked once. Twice. Where had the blade struck him? Why did he feel nothing? Through his narrow spectacles he looked down to watch himself drop down into the water. Not all of him, though. In his last moments of silent consciousness, he saw his body just before immersion. In that instant, he knew that 'he' was no longer attached to 'it'."

'Jason X #3: Planet of the Beast', copyright 2005 Black Flame Publishing and New Line Cinema. (Kilpatrick 41)

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