The following is quoted from 'Jason X #2: The Experiment', cited from the Prologue:

"Bit by bit, he was broken down and carbonized, until the only thing left was a charred fragment unrecognizable as anything that could once have been human. The bright streak across the sky delivered its tiny black fragment to the surface of a lake, where it rested for a short time in the shallow waters at the edge, near to a glacier-fed stream. Just a tiny fragment of him, attached to a part of his mask.

For a day it lay there, in the shallows and the faint sunlight. Then the weather warmed, the glacier started to melt faster, the stream became a torrent and the fragment and the mask were swept out and out into the lake, to the deepest and darkest center, where it fell again, through the depths into the darkness at the bottom.

Cold. Pressure. Hundreds of feet of water pressing down. But within the core of the fragment, a tiny spark of something remained, something that still burned with a tiny flame, something dark and angry, and above all else, evil."

'Jason X #2: The Experiment', copyright 2005 Black Flame Publishing and New Line Cinema. (Cadigan 6)

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