The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Jason X #1', cited from Chapter 1:

"As Johnson moved around in front of it again, he thought he saw the glint in its eye flicker slightly. Like the thing had deliberately looked at him, like it was watching him from behind that dented, battle-scarred hockey mask, watching his every move whenever he was in its limited visual field. Jesus. When you look into that abyss, the abyss just didn't look into you, it really kept its eye on you. The fucker actually had you under surveillance.

Well, he had had enough of that shit. He went back to the pillbox and picked up the blanket he had been sitting on. He might have to watch this monster but that didn't mean he had to go on actually looking at it for one more moment.

Johnson tossed the blanket over the monster's head and then stood back, satisfied for the first time since he had drawn this shit duty. So much for the abyss.

"Stare at that, you ugly son of a bitch," he said and turned away without noticing that the IV bag was swinging back and forth from the hook on the metal tree. Its vigorous movements were a result of the IV tube having been pulled loose from the monster's neck to dangle freely. Fluid dripped harmlessly out onto the floor."

'Jason X #1', copyright 2005 Black Flame Publishing and New Line Cinema. (Cadigan 12)

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