The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Friday The 13th #2: Hell Lake', cited from Chapter 1:

"By the time he knew he was being garotted by the sharp chain that keeps the components turning inside a motorcycle wheel, it had bitten deep into his throat. It was a messy process, but whoever held the chain had such a tight grip that it had cut straight through his trachea. His windpipe cut in two, choking on his blood, Josh couldn't call for help. Only the tears that welled suddenly from the corner of each eye attested to his unbearable terror.

Some claim that if a blade is able to make a clean enough decapitation, and the body dies instantaneously, then the head may remain conscious for several seconds after leaving it. That's how they would know that Joshua Logan did not die quickly."

'Friday The 13th #2: Hell Lake', copyright 2005 Black Flame Publishing and New Line Cinema. (Woods 59).

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