The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Friday The 13th #1: Church Of The Divine Psychopath', cited from the Prologue:

"Movement nearby caught Jason's attention. The boy was getting away, scrabbing backwards from the ruined tent and staring open-mouthed at his nude girlfriend, who thrashed back and forth like a rag doll in Jason's grasp. The boy was also buck naked, but he hadn't thought about reaching for his clothes when a machete blade ripped and slashed through the nylon wall of the tent. Too bad, too-- he'd been tearing off one fine piece of ass before the psycho killer had interrupted his good times. As he scrabbled backwards, the rocks and sand beneath him scraping the exposed flesh of his ass, he couldn't help but wish he had listened to his friends.

Stay away from Camp Blood."

'Friday The 13th #1: Church of the Divine Psychopath', copyright 2005 Black Flame Publishing and New Line Cinema. (Phillips 7).

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