The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Friday The 13th: Road Trip', cited from Chapter 3:

"Buzzy angrily pulled his arm free from Russ. As everyone watched, he retrieved his glasses and soap dish and stalked out of the showers, his flip-flops comically slapping the tiles with each step.

That was Buzzy all over, thought Slick. Russ saves his skin, and he doesn't even say thanks.

It was Dave who started the cheer. "Buzz-ee! Buzz-ee! Buzz-ee!"

It was a cheer the entire school liked to chant-- during lunch, before assembly, it was good anytime. The teachers had never been able to stop it, either. But just then Coach Wardell appeared in the shower entranceway. That stopped the cheer pretty quick.

Coach didn't seem mad though. Good old Coach, thought Slick. He hated Buzzy as much as anybody. He couldn't stand anybody who didn't play ball.

"Let's hurry it up, guys," Coach said with a grin. "We've got a long road trip ahead of us.""

'Friday The 13th: Road Trip', copyright 1994 Berkley Books and New Line Cinema. (Morse 29).

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