The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Friday The 13th: Mother's Day', cited from the Prologue:

"The tall man dropped to his knees. He drew his long hunting knife out of its sheath and slammed the silver blade into the soft earth. He began to dig.

After a few minutes, he tossed the knife aside and started scrabbling in the dirt with his bare hands. Soon his fingers touched something-- something smooth and wet and gray.

When he cleared more dirt aside, he realized what he had found. It was an old cardboard box, about twelve by twelve inches from the looks of it. He dug down deeper until he was able to lift the entire box from the ground. It was surprisingly heavy. Gently, the hunter lifted the box's soggy cardboard lid. And then he looked inside.

His heart seemed to stop.

His jaw dropped and his eyes bulged.

He looked inside the box for only a second. Then his legs started moving as if by themselves, carrying him backward so fast that he fell, landing hard on his back.

It was almost a minute before he was able to stop screaming."

'Friday The 13th: Mother's Day', copyright 1994 Berkley Books and New Line Cinema. (Morse 4-5).

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