"In The End"
Written by Linkin Park
Produced by Don Gilmore
Performed by Linkin Park
From the album "Hybrid Theory"
Courtesy of Warner Brothers Records

"My Sacrifice"
Written by Mark Tremonti And Scott Stapp
Produced by John Kurzweg
Performed by Creed
From the album "Weathered"
Courtesy of Wind-Up Records

"Brain Stew"
Written by Green Day
Produced by Rob Cavallo And Green Day
Performed by Green Day
From the album "Insomniac"
Courtesy of Reprise Records

"How You Remind Me"
Written by Chad Kroeger And Nickelback
Produced by Rick Parashar And Nickelback
Performed by Nickelback
From the album "Silver Side Up"
Courtesy of Roadrunner/Island Records

Written by Wes Scantlin
Produced by John Kurzweg
Performed by Puddle Of Mudd
From the album "Come Clean"
Courtesy of Flawless/Geffen Records

"Adam's Song"
Written by Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus
And Travis Barker
Produced by Jerry Finn
Performed by Blink 182
From the album "Enema Of The State"
Courtesy of MCA Records

"Rollout (My Business)"
Written by Christopher Bridges And Timothy Mosley
Produced by Timothy Mosley
Performed by Ludacris
From the album "Word Of Mouf"
Courtesy of Def Jam Records

"Ballad Of A Dead Soulja"
Written by Tupac Shakur
Produced by Johnny Jackson
Performed by Tupac
From the album "Until The End Of Time"
Courtesy of Amaru/Death Row Records

Written by Earl Simmons
Produced by Kasseem Dean
Performed by DMX
From the album "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood"
Courtesy of Ruff Ryders/Def Jam Records

"Off Glass"
Written by Trina And Deuce Poppi
Produced by Trina And Deuce Poppi
Performed by Trina
From the album "Da Baddest B*tch"
Courtesy of Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records

"Family Affair"
Written by Mary J. Blige et. al
Produced by Andre Young
Performed by Mary J. Blige
From the album "No More Drama"
Courtesy of Geffen Records

"Hey Baby"
Written by Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal
Tom Dumont And Bounty Killer
Produced by Philip Steir, Sly & Robbie
And No Doubt
Performed by No Doubt
From the album "Rock Steady"
Courtesy of Interscope Records

"Iron Man"
Written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne
Terence Butler And Bill Ward
Produced by Rodger Bain
Performed by Black Sabbath
From the album "Paranoid"
Courtesy of Vertigo/Warner Brothers Records

"The Memory Remains"
Written by James Hetfield And Lars Ulrich
Produced by Bob Rock And Metallica
Performed by Metallica
From the album "Re-Load"
Courtesy of Elektra Records

Written by Sean Combs, Christopher Wallace
And Trevor Smith
Produced by Sean Combs And Steven Jordan
Performed by Diddy
From the album "No Way Out"
Courtesy of Bad Boy/Arista Records

"Long Kiss Goodnight"
Written by Christopher Wallace And Robert Diggs
Produced by Robert Diggs
Performed by Notorius B.I.G.
From the album "Life After Death"
Courtesy of Bad Boy Records

"Without Me"
Written by Marshall Mathers
Produced by Marshall Mathers
Performed by Eminem
From the album "The Eminem Show"
Courtesy of Aftermath/Interscope Records

"King Kong"
Courtesy of Turner Home Entertainment
Copyright 1933 RKO Pictures

Courtesy of Warner Brothers Home Video
Copyright 1978 Warner Brothers, Inc.

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