Prologue- The Escape
Chapter 1- A Deadly Idea
Chapter 2- An Unexpected Arrival
Chapter 3- Phone Conversations
Chapter 4- A Time For Redemption
Chapter 5- The Last Ride
Chapter 6- Shoot To Kill
Chapter 7- Roadside Assistance
Chapter 8- Out Of The Shadows
Chapter 9- Manhunt
Chapter 10- The Gates Of Hell
Chapter 11- Catching Up
Chapter 12- String Of Bad Luck
Chapter 13- Wrong Turn
Chapter 14- Blackout
Chapter 15- D-Day
Chapter 16- Sunrise
Chapter 17- Death Is Amongst Us
Chapter 18- Not This Time
Chapter 19- Search Party
Chapter 20- Red And Crimson
Chapter 21- Burn, Baby, Burn
Chapter 22- It's Time
Chapter 23- A Diversion
Chapter 24- One Way Or The Other
Chapter 25- Showdown
Chapter 26- Standoff
Chapter 27- Reloaded
Chapter 28- War Zone
Chapter 29- It Hits The Fan
Chapter 30- Immortal
Epilogue- Fade To Black
Alternate Ending #1- Carrie's Playback
Alternate Ending #2- Medical Center

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