Prologue- The Beginning
Chapter 1- Bullseye
Chapter 2- A Solo Act
Chapter 3- Party Supplies
Chapter 4- Roll Out
Chapter 5- Fun In The Sun
Chapter 6- Sex, Drugs And Murder
Chapter 7- Dead Wrong
Chapter 8- Say Hello To My Little Friend
Chapter 9- The Cavalry Arrives
Chapter 10- Shore Side Findings
Chapter 11- Search Party
Chapter 12- No Sign
Chapter 13- A Streak Of Bad Luck
Chapter 14- Creepy Places
Chapter 15- Nightfall
Chapter 16- Unwanted Guests
Chapter 17- Thoughts Of The Night
Chapter 18- False Alarm
Chapter 19- Tumble Of Doom
Chapter 20- Bad Eyesight
Chapter 21- Finding The Friends
Chapter 22- Heartbroken
Chapter 23- A Split Decision
Chapter 24- A Deadly Magic Trick
Chapter 25- Finding The Dead Friends
Chapter 26- All Out Assault
Chapter 27- Kaboom
Chapter 28- Chained Up
Chapter 29- End Game
Chapter 30- The End?
Epilogue- New Faces, Familiar Places

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