Prologue- Just A Legend
Chapter 1- A Total Opposite
Chapter 2- Lost And Found
Chapter 3- Fire On Ice
Chapter 4- Party Up
Chapter 5- Last Call
Chapter 6- Then The Morning Comes
Chapter 7- Taking Off
Chapter 8- Full Speed Ahead
Chapter 9- A Kind Gesture
Chapter 10- Getting Off Track
Chapter 11- Snapped
Chapter 12- Method Behind The Madness
Chapter 13- Illumination
Chapter 14- Pure Evil
Chapter 15- A Narrow Escape
Chapter 16- Screams From The Silence
Chapter 17- Hell On Earth
Chapter 18- Plane And Simple
Chapter 19- A Grisly Discovery
Chapter 20- An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 21- Just In Case
Chapter 22- A Startling Revelation
Chapter 23- Shocked
Chapter 24- The Truth Hurts
Chapter 25- The Reunion
Chapter 26- Losing It
Chapter 27- The Encounter
Chapter 28- The Backup Has Arrived
Chapter 29- Bag Of Goodies
Chapter 30- Highly Combustible
Epilogue- Moving On

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