Prologue- Gon Fishun
Chapter 1- Kelly
Chapter 2- Ma and Pa
Chapter 3- Breakfast of Champions
Chapter 4- A Treat for the Hogs
Chapter 5- Coming Home
Chapter 6- The Hitchhiker
Chapter 7- Advice from Strangers
Chapter 8- Baiting the Trap
Chapter 9- Not a Living Soul
Chapter 10- Denny's Diner
Chapter 11- Visiting the Dead
Chapter 12- Boone's Grave
Chapter 13- The Night Shift
Chapter 14- Alone at Last
Chapter 15- Don't Breathe a Word
Chapter 16- The Apache Scout Nest
Chapter 17- Picnic
Chapter 18- Darlene Falls for Doug
Chapter 19- Trapped
Chapter 20- Breaking Up
Chapter 21- Hide and Go Seek
Chapter 22- Dumb Kids
Chapter 23- Target Practice
Chapter 24- Killing Kelly
Chapter 25- Monster-Hunting
Chapter 26- Boone
Chapter 27- Just for Kicks
Chapter 28- Funeral in the Woods

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