1. What was with the majorly supernatural element of this novel? A lot of it just didn't make sense, especially when the flashbacks essentially pissed all over the story of 'Friday The 13th' from start to finish? Definitely a huge drawback. The so-called 'Ancient Ones' need not get involved.

2. There was no reason to go back and explain how Jason emerged from the lake between the first and second films, but at least the effort was there. It is better left up to the imagination like the filmmakers intended.

3. Sheriff Landis was killed in 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993), accidentally stabbed to death with the dagger by Jessica. He could not possibly have survived that. And on top of that, his name is Ed, not Lloyd.

4. Following the 'Road Trip' (1994) massacre, the police find the infamous scrawling 'JASON' upside down in the cave at Crystal Hill. It is stated that it was scrawled over and over. However, it was only written once in 'Road Trip'.

5. Is it Steven Freeman or Ryan Dallion? I still can't manage to figure that one out. Read the review for more details.

6. In Chapter 2, a reference is made to the black gunk that oozed out of Deputy Josh's throat when Jessica cut it realizing he was possessed and going after her daughter Stephanie. When did this happen? Josh was possessed and then dead long before even got near Jessica.

7. Adding characters like Betty Loomis did not make sense. Crazy Ralph never really had a backstory, just that he was alone. Since he wasn't married, Betty never existed.

8. There was no possible way Pamela Voorhees was Lewis Vendredi's step sister. Add to that the fact that Pamela never ripped out the hearts of the two counselors in 1958, and it makes the story even more absurd. It was a simple revenge killing. That's it.

9. Jason never spoke as a boy. He was always an invalid, hence his close relationship with his mother, who he relied on to take care of him.

10. Elias Voorhees was only mentioned in a deleted scene from 'Jason Lives' (1986) and as Jason's father in 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993). He was never anything other than that, especially not a Mennonite 20 years older than Pamela. And he certainly wasn't killed by Jason, as suggested in Chapter 11.

11. To suggest that Creighton Duke was somehow involved in this as a teenager was crazy. Duke never got involved in the Voorhees Saga until Jason killed his fiancee.

12. Pamela Voorhees never kept a diary. That was just laughable. She was a cook, not a writer.

13. Stating that Pamela "has another child to love" is equally laughable. Diana was born to Elias and another woman. Pamela clearly states in the first film that Jason is her "only child".

14. In Chapter 18, the author refers to the events of 'Jason Takes Manhattan' (1989) and the 'graduating class of Crystal Lake High'. It was actually Lakeview High.

15. In Chapter 21, the author refers to 'Gleason's Bait And Tackle' from 'Jason's Curse' (1994). The bait and tackle was actually called 'Tuck's Fish And Bait'. He also refers to it later in the chapter, calling it "Big Red's father's bait and tackle store". It actually belonged to his Uncle Tuck, not his father.

16. Also in that chapter, Landis states that "both you, Steven, and I saw that mask go down with Jason". This in an error, because only Steven and Jessica saw it, and Landis was already dead.

17. In Chapter 27, the author states that while engulfed in flames, Jason attempts to put himself out. He was not smart enough to do that. As evidenced in 'The New Blood' (1988), Jason continued pursuing Tina before collapsing in flames.

18. At the end of Chapter 29, Carol insists that she doesn't believe in Jason, and that stops him from killing her. WHAT??? Jason never hesitates when killing, especially for THAT reason. That whole aspect was just plain goofy, although it did demonstrate how far gone Carol had become. He should have put her out of her misery.

19. What was with all the tent spikes Jason used? Where did he get them all? Was Wal-Mart having a sale?

20. The flashback/vision scenes at the end were cool, but where did all those futuristic scenes come from? They were not references to the 'Jason X' film or novel series, so I want to know where they came from? And when did Jason ever have sex, let alone a daughter?

21. How could Dr. Wimmer capture all those survivors from the various Crystal Lake massacres without their resistance? The author could have gone into more detail about how the government went and captured them for him, or something. It just didn't make sense that they would all be locked up together.

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