Novel Total: 25
Series Total: 271

1. Folding chair to face
2. Folding chair to face
3. Multiple gunshots, varying caliber
4. Shotgun blast to chest
5. Multiple gunshots
6. Shotgun blast to shoulder
7. Shotgun blast to neck
8. Shotgun blast to stomach
9. Multiple shotgun blasts to body
10. Multiple shotgun blasts
11. Numerous machine gun blasts
12. Multiple shotgun blasts
13. Numerous slugs to chest
14. Hand burned by barrel of machine gun
15. Kicked in side of the head
16. Kicked in shoulder
17. Parts of flesh ripped off
18. Shot in chest
19. Shot in chest twice
20. Shotgun blast to chest
21. Shotgun blast to chest
22. Machine gun blast to stomach
23. Shot in chest
24. Shot in throat
25. Blown apart by grenade

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