Novel Total: 22
Series Total: 271

1. Stabbed in hand with hunting knife
2. Hit in arm with wooden baseball bat
3. Shot in back
4. Shot 5 more times
5. Tackled to ground
6. Tackled down the trail
7. Stabbed in hand with hunting knife
8. Kicked and clawed at numerous times
9. Sliced in neck with switchblade
10. Repeatedly sliced with switchblade
11. Switchblade stuck in neck
12. Aluminum hockey stick to head
13. Sliced in arm with machete
14. Shot repeatedly, varying caliber
15. Shotgun blast to chest
16. Blown up with C-4 Explosives
17. Shot 12 more times
18. Shot twice
19. Tackled into plane
20. Pick into chest
21. Stabbed with pick
22. Immolated in exploding plane

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