Novel Total: 28
Series Total: 271

1. Kicked in groin
2. Kicked in groin
3. Tackled
4. Punched repeatedly
5. Punched more
6. Tree branch broken over back
7. Punched some more
8. Punched and kicked repeatedly
9. Shot once with 44 Magnum
10. Kicked in nuts
11. Lantern broken over head
12. Engulfed in flames
13. Shot six more times with 44 Magnum
14. Fell from first floor to basement
15. Shot four more times with 44 Magnum
16. Second floor collapsed on him
17. Fell from first floor to basement again
18. Tackled again
19. Axed
20. Kicked some more
21. Shot with flare gun at close range
22. Engulfed in flames again
23. Shot by 9mm pistol, entire clip emptied into him
24. Shot twice with shotgun
25. Sprayed in face with fire extinguisher
26. Crushed by boulder
27. Pinned by boulder
28. Frozen in cave pool

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